15 Photos That Radiate Super Powers With Their Significance

2 years ago

When life throws us a curveball, we sometimes easily lose all hope and motivation. And we don’t realize that some people have it much harder, yet they still manage to power through the odds with overwhelming positivity.

Bright Side has gathered these photos that will remind you just how limitless you can be, if you just change your perspective.

1. 7-year-old does not let alopecia stop her from celebrating her school’s “Crazy Hair Day”.

2. “I have a disability but I didn’t let that stop me from publishing my first book.”

3. “To boost my confidence when using my mobility aids and to diminish their stigma, I punk-ed out my rollator.”

4. “The special needs person that lived with my family got married this summer. At 62, she never gave up on having a happily ever after.”

5. “I have cerebral palsy, which has always made it difficult for me to run and jog. Today, I jogged 3 km and I couldn’t be more proud of myself!”

6. “My friend’s son with autism makes airplanes to scale out of cardboard. Here is his WestJet Boeing 737-700!”

7. “After never having attended high school due to extreme anxiety disorder, I have graduated with my degree in biology!”

8. “My friend is disabled and draws with her mouth. She just finished illustrating a children’s book!”

9. “He didn’t want to hold the cane because he was afraid it would make him look ’weak.’ I convinced him otherwise.”

10. “My grandmother, 77, graduated with her PhD and is the university’s oldest graduate. It’s never too late!”

11. “Had a horrific nail biting habit to the point where I wore Band-Aids on my fingers in my teen years. I’m so proud of this.”

12. “Last year I gave a guy CPR after he had a heart attack while driving. He ended up surviving. We finally got to meet up.”

13. “My friend suffers from alopecia and decided to have one last huzzah before shaving his head.”

14. “I’m a paraplegic. Just bought this the other day.”

15. “A really sweet girl with Down syndrome at my school was nominated for homecoming court. Guess who won.”

How about you? What steps will you take moving forward in order to live your life to the fullest? Let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit daniellawride / Instagram


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