15 Photos That Reveal a Surprising Side of the World

3 years ago

Horse sweat can sometimes turn into salt during hot summers and gem corn that looks like colorful jelly beans really exists. Just like these, there are many other seemingly “common” things in the world that are, in fact, far from ordinary.

We at Bright Side have made a compilation of such facts that will put your knowledge of the world to test.

1. How a tree trunk is cut into planks

2. Glass gem corn does exist.

3. “A hummingbird feather compared to a penny”

4. “How the sky affects the color of the sea”

5. When the temperature is hot, horse sweat can turn into salt.

6. A bowl of beet juice left out for too long

7. How long the windmill blades really are

8. “This is what happens when you polish a coconut.”

9. “What happens when an oil drip pan gets rained on”

10. How an overnight freeze squeezed the water out of the ground and froze it. This is called needle ice formation.

11. “A dentist office showing how much sugar is in regular items”

12. In Malaysia, people have green toast infused with a fragrant leaf called pandan.

13. A 22-year-old teddy bear compared to its original form

14. A cranberry bog

15. A clutch of dinosaur eggs

What are some of the coolest, most surprising things you’ve come across in your life? Share your photos with us in the comments below!


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