20+ Common Objects That Look Totally Unrecognizable Up Close

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The vastness of space with its enormous galaxies, gargantuan stars, and mystifying black holes is beyond intriguing. But there is a world on a whole other scale that is as fascinating and peculiar, if not more so — the world of the minuscule. The space where even everyday objects look alien.

We at Bright Side want to take a trip to this wonderland of the small, and you are coming with us. Behold 21 macro images that will make you question the very essence of the world around you.

1. Wasp’s stinger

imago stock&people/EAST NEWS

2. Colorful pencil

imago stock&people/EAST NEWS

3. Snowflake

imago stock&people/EAST NEWS

4. Pen’s top

© Depositphotos.com, imago stock&people/EAST NEWS

5. Housefly

6. A human eye

7. Apple stalk

8. Tremella mesenterica (yellow brain) growing on a branch

9. Kitchen sponge

10. Teabag

11. Beetle

12. Caterpillar

13. Forest mushrooms

14. Artichoke

15. Table salt

16. Marker tip

17. Black bread mold

18. Book pages

19. Match

20. Soap foam

21. Water flea under polarized light (microscope photo)

Which of these everyday objects looks the most alien to you? Tell us in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in September 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Depositphotos.com, imago stock&people/EAST NEWS


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