15 Photos That Show We’re Probably Time Travelers With a Secret Mission

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Photography is one of the best things that people have ever accomplished. It’s a strange time machine that lets us go back in time to remember the best parts of our memories or to see how and why we change over time. But the most acceptable way to compare before and after photos is to put them next to each other.

Here at Bright Side, we think you should take a different look at life. So we’ve put together 15 pictures that give you the feeling that you can reach out and touch time as if it were a real thing.

1. ’’My son and me, both at 9 months, 35 years apart"

2. “My dad and me, 1982 and 2021, both age 20, 39 years apart”

3. ’’I got to shoot a fifty-fifth wedding anniversary! They even had the original glasses and cake toppers.’’

4. ’’My boyfriend and his sister recreated a photo for their parents, a 20-year difference.’’

5. ’’My wife is due May 4, and today we recreated a photo of my parents from 8 days before I was born. I can’t stop smiling looking at this.’’

6. ’’This is the first time we’ve all been together in over 10 years (the top picture was taken 14 years ago). Our friend in the middle is getting married.’’

7. ’’A mom with her oldest vs youngest daughter, 2013 and 2020’’

8. ’’My sisters and I recreated a photo at the same beach in Hawaii (1991-2022).’’

9. "When I was a college freshman dating this woman, my buddies tried to encourage us to do a photoshoot. 9 years later, we used them for our engagement photos.’’

10. “My brother and I also recreated an old picture of us (including going back to our childhood home for the right stairs).”

11. ’’My father and his friend from high school recreated (sort of) a picture from 61 years ago.’’

12. ’’Recreated my grandparents’ wedding photo from 1954 at our own wedding on Friday.’’

13. ’’Decided to recreate a photo with my dad 25 years later.’’

14. ’’My mom and I tried to recreate the picture of us at her Ph.D. defense at my Ph.D. defense.’’

15. ’’My brothers and I recreated some old photos of ourselves for our parents’ Christmas gift.’’

Do you have some interesting before and after shots? Share them with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit zeldamom64 / Reddit


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