15 Pics of 19th-Century Celebrities That Prove Filters Already Existed Back Then

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Centuries ago, portraits were all the rage, especially among the nobility and the higher classes of society. Gradually, photography arrived and gained ground, so all those people who adorned their homes with their portraits now also made room for their photos. Of course, sometimes painting and photography had little to do with each other, showing that retouching was already applied back in the day, much like we use filters.

1. Ada Lovelace: mathematician and writer, considered the first programmer (1815-1852).

2. Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen: wife of King Wilhelm IV of the United Kingdom (1792-1849)

3. Rosalía de Castro: poetess and novelist (1837-1885)

4. María de las Mercedes de Orleans: wife of King Alfonso XII of Spain (1860-1878)

5. Eugénie de Montijo: wife of Napoleon III and Empress Consort of France (1826-1920)

6. Elisabeth of Bavaria, “Sissi”: Bavarian princess and wife of King Franz Joseph I of Austria (1837-1898)

7. Wilhelmina of the Netherlands: Queen of the Netherlands (1860-1962)

8. Maria Pia of Savoy: Princess of Sardinia and Italy and Queen of Portugal (1847-1911)

9. Margherita Teresa of Savoy: Queen consort and wife of Humbert I of Italy (1851-1926)

10. Elisabeth of Wied: Queen consort and wife of King Charles I of Romania (1843-1916)

11. Elena of Waldeck and Pyrmont: princess consort and wife of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany (1861-1922)

12. Josephine Frederica of Baden: Princess Consort of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1813-1900)

13. Anna de Noailles: Countess Mathieu de Noailles and poetess (1876-1933)

14. Genara Maria de Braganza: imperial princess of Brazil and member of the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies by marriage (1822-1901).

15. Francisca de Braganza: Princess of Orleans, Princess of Brazil and Infanta of Portugal (1824-1898)

Have you ever met someone online and then in real life only to notice they look entirely different than in their pics? If so, tell us your story!


I’m curious what years the paintings were done compared to the years of the photos. I will say, many are very lovely. I adore the dress in the photo of 10! That would be quite a beautiful wedding dress!!

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