15 Pics Prove That We Haven’t Seen All the Possible Oddities of This World

2 years ago

Even though there are some basic rules underlying most of the things in this world, on rare occasions, they get messed up and leave room for the unexpected. After all, life would be pretty dull if everything was predictable and the world lacked diversity.

We at Bright Side decided to collect a bunch of pictures that display rare gifts from the universe and other unusual situations that will make your jaw drop.

1. “This 2-inch gray hair protruding from my forehead”

2. “The only path back to my room is blocked by cute but incredibly angry sea lions.”

3. “My right hand has a single crease, which goes from left to right without breaking.”

4. “I can bend my thumb down to my wrist.”

5. “This caterpillar train I saw at the park today”

6. “I have an extra crease on my left pinky.”

7. “My dog got to meet a puppy that has a condition that is either albino or something like it.”

8. “My cat has 26 toe beans (18 is normal).”

9. “I saw a cow with an extra limb on its hump.”

10. “I have a skin condition, due to which, lightly scratching my skin causes raised, red lines where I’ve scratched.”

11. “My husband’s uncles have used the same birthday card since 1974.”

12. “As long as I can remember, I’ve had an air pocket in my wrist.”

13. “I only have 3 incisors on the bottom.”

14. “I have complete heterochromia AND physiologic anisocoria (different sized pupils).”

15. “My wife and I celebrated our fiftieth anniversary. Our childhood bears are in their seventies and still reside on our bed.”

Do you know anyone with an unusual physical feature that makes them unique? We’d love you to add it to our list in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit w11/Reddit


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