15 Pics Showing That Being Beautiful Means Being Unique

2 years ago

Scientists have known for quite some time that people literally glimmer. We emit small amounts of light that cannot be seen by the human eye. These pictures, however, shine bright enough to be seen from afar and show that beauty is found in uniqueness.

Bright Side has gathered these photographs to bring a smile to your face and demonstrate that Mother Nature is truly the most talented artist of all.

1. “I have bilateral coloboma.”

2. “My girlfriend’s dog has a multicolored eye.”

3. Model Yvesmark Chery has vitiligo and sends a message to others about confidence and accepting who you are.

4. “A cat born with a triangular pupil”

5. “My dog’s pupil is shaped like a star.”

6. “I have vitiligo and heterochromia.”

7. “I was born with curved pinkies. It doesn’t cause any problems, just looks different.”

8. “My webbed toe”

9. “My baby has an elf ear.”

10. “My albinism is a part of me, and it’s beautiful.”

11. “My eye has pigmented speckles in it.”

12. “I have tentacles under my tongue — apparently not everyone does?”

13. “A cat with opposable thumbs”

14. “My puppy has segmental heterochromia.”

15. Beautiful Libny has a condition called congenital melanocytic nevi.

What does beauty mean to you? What is something you consider to be extraordinary about yourself? Tell us about it in the comment section so we can share some positivity.


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The tentacles under the tongue are giving me goosebumps 😂🙈 That's a really unique feature.


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