20+ Pics So Pure That They Can Light Up the Gloomiest Heart

2 years ago

study has found that smiling can trick our brain into believing we’re happy, which can in turn result in actual feelings of happiness. After all, happiness is a conscious decision we choose to make every day. Uplifting photos are one of the most adorable and efficient ways to add some brightness to our life. Especially if we’re looking at pics of innocent kids, loving parents or the genuine bond humans share with their pets.

Bright Side thinks that pictures can be the strongest form of therapy. We want to share with you some snaps that will make your day endlessly better.

1. ’’She puts her hand on her cheek every time I change her diaper.’’

2. “They said he’d end up in a group home for autism... Today, my son is a college graduate.”

3. ’’Meet my adopted sons. They insist they are twins.’’

4. ’’Celebrating my boy’s sweet 16’’

5. ’’I caught them sleeping like this’’

6. ’’My great-grandma has more holiday spirit celebrating her 104th Christmas than I do at 26.’’

7. ’’This baby goat, in my daughter’s arms, is the happiest kid in the world.’’

8. ’’Brought my daughter to the park for the first time. Pure happiness.’’

9. ’’I found a cat and a month later this happened.’’

10. ’’I found this little guy the other day.’’

11. ’’My parents just got internet and my dad is already showing videos to the neighbors.’’

12. ’’Marshall, the cat I found in the bushes 4 days ago.’’

13. ’’First time meeting my nephew. You could say we are getting along.’’

14. ’’My dad found these baby hedgehogs while doing yardwork.’’

15. ’’She smiles when she farts’’

16. ’’My dad has been lonely since the kids went to college. So we got him a replacement.’’

17. “Baby turtle I found on a walk”

18. ’’I’ve always been a dog guy but yesterday I found this tiny kitten and man oh man. Maybe cats are okay after all.’’

19. ’’The first contact ever with my daughter.’’

20. ’’This guy was alone in the grass’’

21. ’’Every time he poops’’

Do you like taking photos and looking at your old family albums? What is one pic that automatically improves your mood whenever you look at it?

Preview photo credit s1agathor/Reddit


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