15 Pics That Are Guaranteed to Make Your Mood Even Brighter

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A good mood can not only impact your psychological state, but also influence your physical health. Research has shown that negative emotions are connected with a higher risk of heart problems, while positive ones are linked with better heart and brain health. There are numerous ways to boost your mood, and one of them is looking at funny photos.

Our Bright Side team is eager to show you some of the funniest pics on the net to cheer you up.

1. “Shocked pupper is so shocked!! Featuring my equally shocked coworker, Katie.”

2. “Coolest grandma ever”

3. “The picture DoorDash sent me to confirm my food was here”

4. “Seen at the drop-off line at my kid’s school”

5. “Brought my puggle to a free concert in the park. She was not amused.”

6. “Automated robot sweeper in our office...”

7. “My daughter’s terrifying self-portrait in kindergarten”

8. “It was raining when we took a few selfies at a concert. I didn’t notice this gem until the next day.”

9. “Just to be clear...”

10. “My kid insisted on making me a small sandwich.”

11. “I think I peaked philosophically at age 6.”

12. “I took a photo and it has become the default photo my family now sends each other instead of ’okay.’”

13. “My cat keeps peeing in my bathtub so I made this for the door.”

14. “Was watching the Tour De France and thought this was funny.”

15. “My hotel room had a Ronald McDonald statue in it.”

Which photo made you laugh out loud? Do you like scrolling through funny images on the net to boost your mood?

Preview photo credit mrsmadmike / Reddit


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