15 Pics That Flip Our Reality Upside Down

2 years ago

When we look at an image, our brain — not our eyes — is the final judge of “truth.” Scientists believe it takes our brain less than 13 milliseconds to process an image. Not to burst their bubbles, but the following collection of unusual pictures probably took us a little longer to decipher, and we’re curious if any of these seem challenging to you.

Bright Side believes looking at one tricky image a day can widen our horizons, and trying to answer questions, like “What is this?” will only boost our creativity. So here are 15 pics that may do just that.

1. How many cats can you spot here?

2. “My wife and I were quite happy about our new rug purchase. Sadly though, our dog ran away the same day.”

3. “We were doing a panorama until a cow decided to move.”

4. “Imprinted face or raised face in the snow?”

5. “Only one leg is hanging.”

6. “My windowsill perfectly reflects the houses behind me onto my wall at sunrise. The image is naturally upside down.”

7. “Saw this right when a truck parked behind me.”

8. “3 liquid cats”

9. “My phone glitched out while stitching this panorama and it now looks like a scene from Inception.

10. “This rusty lock gate looks like a painting.”

11. “The haze over LA makes it look like a simulation not loading.”

12. “Spotted this out my window.”

13. “A glitch in the Matrix”

14. See-through truck or great timing?

15. “As a guy, a 4-hour haircut gets you this.”

If you could gift a haircut like the one in the last image to one of your friends, who would you choose? If you could get the car of your dreams, under the condition that you need to get this haircut, what color car would you pick? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit rgeyedoc / Reddit


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