15+ Pics That Prove Happiness Comes in Different Shapes and Colors

2 years ago

Sometimes, it can take the simplest of things to make our day. From small wins, like animals being reunited, to life-changing events, like a career move; happiness really does come in all shapes and sizes.

At Bright Side, we love to see inspiring and feel-good stories and the extraordinary things people can achieve. So today, we’ve found 18 examples of happiness to lift your spirits!

1. “I reunited with my doggos after a year away at college.”

2. “Been having a really hard time this semester but finally did well on a test this morning.”

3. “I created my first coloring book recently and today someone told me it helped them relax during a stressful life event.”

4. “Growing up, I was never considered athletic. Finished my first half-marathon this weekend and couldn’t be happier!”

5. “I don’t think I’ll be able to take a better picture of my wife and our boy.”

6. “Got paid for the first time ever tonight to do the one thing I truly love, stand-up comedy.”

7. “I work at a local animal shelter. Iris wouldn’t let me put her back down during the entirety of my shift.”

8. “Wanted to post that I finally started to lose the weight I’ve gained.”

9. “Chubbs got lost in a move over 7 years ago. Today we were reunited.”

10. “This past week I went on horseback and feel a spark of life and passion in me again.”

11. “As a kid, I dreamed of working on film sets. I just wrapped my first real movie as a department head.”

12. “What to expect when expecting: my housemate and her beloved doggo”

13. “Ran my first half-marathon! It feels so good to challenge yourself and pull through.”

14. “For my fiftieth birthday, I published my first book. You’re never too old to reach your dreams.”

15. “I was a veterinary technician until I retired due to illness. Today I started a job at an avian raptor rescue!”

16. “Enjoying a beautiful hike after finding out that there is no more stage 4 colon cancer in my body!!!”

17. “I’m a mermaid performer and recently gave birth at 35 to a miracle rainbow baby despite endometriosis.”

18. “My cat got out last week, and I thought I would never see her again, but she was found tonight!”

What has made you happy recently? Let us know!

Preview photo credit tombolaplayer / Reddit


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