15+ Pics That Prove New Makeup Trends Are Nothing but Forgotten Old Ones

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3 years ago

On one hand, the fashion world keeps changing every now and then. Once we get used to one trend, it’s quickly replaced with another. However, on the other hand, we all know the phrase about new things being disguised as well-forgotten old ones. And as it turns out, this statement is also true when we speak of trendy makeup. If we look at photos from the past, we can conclude that many of today’s tendencies have partially copied fashion from the past years or even decades.

We at Bright Side decided to find out what seemingly new beauty trends are actually forgotten styles from the past.

1. It was in the ’80s when Madonna was experimenting with deep smoky eyes. Today, we can see similar looks on the runway.

2. Don’t think intense blue eyeshadow combined with bright red lipstick is trendy anymore? Think again!

3. Eyelashes that look like spider legs are trendy again. Twiggy used to wear the same ones in the late ’60s.

4. If you thought that color-blocking with makeup was a trend of recent years, you’re wrong. Eyeshadows in crazy shades were at the peak of high fashion back in the ’80s.

5. Do you remember the fuchsia-colored lipstick that made women’s lips look like candy? It’s back in the fashion world again.

6. The makeup trend known as “naked face” is actually popular again today, even though it first appeared in the ’90s thanks to Liv Tyler.

7. Matte lipstick appeared in our lives at the beginning of the ’90s and then made a dashing comeback in the twenty-first century. And it doesn’t look like it’s disappearing anytime soon.

8. Thick eyebrows were fashionable long before Cara Delevingne. This natural look on Brooke Shields from the ’80s proves it.

9. Makeup artists explain that “golden” makeup is extremely popular today. As a rule, items like golden eyeshadow and eyeliner are used to create it. This image greatly resembles the look Cher donned back in 1987.

10. In the ’90s, many people would use colorless lip gloss. Today, the effect of wet lips in nude shades is as popular as it was back then.

11. Strange as it may sound, intense purple shadow is no longer considered a relic of the past — it’s a current trend.

12. The “criminal” lips trend has made a comeback in 2021. This trend calls for women to wear classic bright red lipstick. Makeup artists named this style after Uma Thurman’s character in Pulp Fiction.

13. The forgotten rocker look and grunge makeup from the ’90s that consists of heavily lined eyes and a lot of mascara is back again.

14. Blue accents in makeup were popular in the ’80s. For example, Princess Diana would use sky-blue eyeliner. Today, trendsetters are gladly embracing this look once again.

15. In the ’90s, many people would opt for creating the effect of bigger lips. To do this, one needed to draw a lip contour with a pencil, slightly over-lining the lips. We can see the same tendency today.

16. Today’s popular “soap brows” were also popular in 1993. However, at that time, they were called “fluffy brows.”

17. One of the cult makeup trends of the ’90s was dark lipstick. Today, dark lips are desirable again. Plum and aubergine are some of the most popular dark shades.

18. Glowing skin became one of the most important beauty trends at the beginning of the ’00s. In 2020, it made its comeback with the name, “glass skin.”

19. Accent blush on the cheeks is not at all a greeting from the past, but rather, it’s a popular trend in today’s makeup. Makeup artists like to use the most glowing shades from pink to peach.

Do you like when trends from the past make a comeback? Which of the makeup hacks mentioned in the article do you use in your everyday looks?


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You all were get tired of my mentioning what “trends” weren’t exactly current. I am sorry. It was a rude awakening for me in 99/2000 when mom knew exactly how to clip the trendy chain belt to hang at my hip (and not in the middle like regular belts) in the clothing sore on me. At the at moment I had thought my mom didn’t have style and had no way of knowing a “current” trend or how to be cool. She wore them in the 70s! I slowly started realizing our parents really aren’t that out of touch and are cool in their own way. Great article- this will help me get a more classic look without seeming like I am only trying to be like the it girls now. Well done! 👏🏻 👏🏻 (image is not from the 60s/70s, but you get the idea 🙃)

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I wish we could like individual photos/sections of brightside articles. Would be cool to see how many other people like the same facts/images since there are usually more views on articles than comments (human nature, not a testament of brightside!)


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