15 Pics That Prove Pets Aren’t All Sugar and Spice, but a Squeeze of Lemon Too

3 years ago

Having pets is a lot like having children: sometimes they’re well-behaved, sometimes they’re, on the contrary, naughty beyond reason. Occasionally, they even start to act like humans. It makes us wonder whether they’ve picked things up from us.

We at Bright Side love both animals and a good giggle, so we encourage you to enjoy the sheer ridiculousness that pets can bring to a household. And wait for the “cat-in-a-nutshell” bonus at the end of the article!

1. He says ’cheese’!

2. “I’ll chew the book until you put it down and give ME all the attention!”

3. “My brother’s cat saw a dog for the first time.”

4. “I just wanted to drink my coffee in peace.”

5. “She may look cute, but she’s got her teeth gripped around my finger.”

6. Mission impossible theme is playing in the background.

7. “Can I please go to the bathroom in peace?”

8. “Cats like warm places. It’s 90° in that corner.”

9. “She couldn’t contain her excitement or her chewing for her new pop-up cube.”

10. “Today we discovered that a large Labrador can’t fit through a cat flap.”

11. “This is how my cat asks for pets every night before bed. I still get startled every time.”

12. “She is super-mad.”

13. “Breakfast was late.”

14. “My kitten has recently become obsessed with sitting on his older brother.”

15. “Hey! I noticed there was something in the way of this window! I fixed it for you!”

Bonus: “We put a GPS tracker on my cat and he drew a cat for us.”

What is the most “human-like” behavior your pet has shown? Share photos of your furry companions in the comments!

Preview photo credit StayBlazed306 / reddit


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haha It amuses me to see how much effort this cat puts in chewing on the book :D


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