15 Pics That Prove Time Is Nothing More Than Just an Illusion

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The word “photography” was first used in the 1830s and it actually means “to draw with light.” Lucky for us, hundreds of years later, the invention of the first camera made it possible to relive our ancestors’ and our past memories just by taking one good look at a picture. Turning the pages in our family photo albums can make us go through all the feelings, nostalgia — about how good the old times were, happiness — about being together, and love — when seeing the faces of the most beloved people in our lives.

Bright Side found the following pictures that people dusted off and shared with us and we can’t believe how, for some of them, it seems like time really stood still.

1. “20 years difference”

2. “We recreated an old family photo 26 years later.”

3. “Me and my Dad, 60 years apart in the same spot”

4. “It’s funny how you can accidentally strike the same pose in 2 pictures, 15 years apart.”

5. “My dad, 40 years apart”

6. “12 years difference. The only addition to the family is in my belly.”

7. “My dad and I graduated from the same university. He graduated in December 1983. I graduated 33 years later.”

8. “Our attempt at a photo recreation, nearly 50 years apart. I must say, these things are NOT easy.”

9. “One of my mom’s favorite pictures recreated a quarter-century later for Mother’s Day.”

10. “My brother and I recreated an old picture.”

11. “My siblings and I recreated some childhood photos.”

12. “I’m going to put these in a side-by-side frame for my mom for her birthday. This is me,15 years apart.”

13. “My grandpa and I, 23 years apart”

14. “Your dad looks younger now than he did 24 years ago.”

15. “My parents recreated this family portrait with my brother and me over the weekend. There are 15 years between these pics.”

When was the last time you looked through your family albums? Are you the type of person that keeps a classic photo album or do you prefer using only your phone for storing pics?


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