15+ Pics That Tricked Our Brain and Flustered Our Eyes

year ago

Every once in a while, an ordinary photo turns into a mysterious phenomenon that blows our mind. Because when the perfect timing, the exact angle, and a bit of luck come together, the result might leave us baffled. And these unique snaps will quickly become our favorite shots in our photo album because they raise a thousand questions that will keep us entertained for a long time.

1. ’’The reflection of my cousin’’

2. ’’These tinted windows make it look like we’re in the ocean.’’

3. ’’This picture of my cat in a box looks like a Polaroid picture.’’

4. The snow on the fence looks like art.

5. ’’My dog that’s just a floating head.’’

6. ’’Finally got a picture of my cat looking at the camera.’’

7. ’’My footprints in the sand. My brain can’t process this picture correctly.’’

8. ’’The reflection of the light on my coffee looks like a glowing castle.’’

9. ’’I can’t unsee my strange stumpy goat legs in this shot.’’

10. ’’At first, I thought my friend’s dog’s nostril was his eye.’’

11. ’’The guy walking behind me made me look like I have a really long yet tiny forearm.’’

12. ’’Meet Tom and Arwen, my cat. Or cats. I can’t tell anymore how many I have.’’

13. ’’My kid’s bike seat is giving me the side eye.’’

14. ’’We have successfully made a cat dog.’’

15. ’’Life of luxury.’’

16. Disfigured dog? Or a cat?


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