15 Pictures of People Who Desperately Need a Hug

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No one is immune to occasional bouts of bad luck. There are moments when you feel like the universe is conspiring against you. We relate to those feelings. That’s why we collected the pictures and stories of 15 people who are having a bad day and need a warm embrace that can lift their spirits.

1. “My husband was about to put in his teeth this morning until he looked down and found this.”

2. “Just dropped my DS that I’ve had since I was little...and I’m not sure they make them anymore.”

3. “The rain has begun and rats decided to make their own rain gear out of mine.”

4. “Took my friend’s advice to boil eggs in the microwave.”

5. “I forgot to add marinara sauce to the order.”

6. ’’Returned from traveling to find my allergies had gotten 10 times worse."

7. “Trying to deliver some apples”

8. “I just wanted to make some fun Halloween cupcakes.”

9. “My parents’ watermelon harvest will not be getting us through the winter.”

10. “The gum I just paid full price for”

11. “The Pyrex pie dish couldn’t take the heat. The Halloween party is in 2 hours.”

12. “Just broke off a piece of my debit card while trying to order food.”

13. “Why did I have to dislocate a finger the night before a 4-hour road trip? (I’m driving!)”

14. “I sneezed and then I couldn’t see very well.”

15. “Well, there goes our rice stock for several weeks.”

If you could only give away one hug, which of these “victims” would be the lucky recipient? Don’t forget to share a time when you really needed someone to give you a hug to get you through the day!

Preview photo credit KohanaCat / Reddit


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