15 Popular Actors and Actresses Who Looked Incredibly Cute in Their Youth

2 years ago

Even the most avid movie-goers who know the filmography of many actors and actresses would hardly recall how they looked in their youth — especially if that was about 15-20 or even 40 years ago.

We at Bright Side admire many talented celebs. And though modern-day celebs look great, some of our favorite seasoned stars would easily outshine most of today’s beauties and handsome guys.

Tommy Lee Jones, age 32 and 56

Neil Patrick Harris, age 24 and 48

Paul Rudd, age 25 and 52

Evangeline Lilly, age 25 and 42

William Hurt, age 30 and 68

Frank Grillo, age 32 and 56

Mark Wahlberg, age 25 and 50

Nicole Kidman, age 28 and 54

Sandra Bullock, age 32 and 57

Channing Tatum, age 26 and 41

Josh Hartnett, age 26 and 43

Colin Farrell, age 27 and 45

Rachel Weisz, age 29 and 51

Bill Murray, age 29 and 71

Edward Norton, age 27 and 50

Who else do you think looked charming in their youth?


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It's obvious Evangeline Lily and Rachel Weisz have had some plastic surgery, and Nicole Kidmans face would melt if she spent too much time in the sun.


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