15 Products That Will Inject Some Fun Into Your Everyday Routine

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Sometimes it’s so hard to get yourself to do at least something in the house. The bucket for mopping the floor is heavy, your keys always play hide-and-seek, the egg yolk accidentally breaks, and you only needed the white! Luckily, some people have thought carefully about our daily struggles and come up with ingenious solutions. Not only are these products useful, but they also bring a smile to our faces.

1. Forget about back pain and buckets of soapy water with these comfy mop slippers. The bottoms are detachable, which makes them super easy to clean. You can also give these slippers to someone who always drags their feet. You won’t hear them anymore, guaranteed.

Promising review: So cute! Great for dusting floors while protecting your feet! It’s not really cushiony, but that’s what I wanted since the cushion wears down over time anyways. It feels flat, with the exception of the cushion from the microfiber bottom.
It’s easy to wash, plus the microfiber part is detachable. I wasn’t expecting that, but I like it! And they give you free socks, which I thought was so cute and lovely :) They were low-rise bear socks to match the slippers! @Btsfanxo

Buy the slippers HERE

2. These 2-in-1 spoon straws will brighten up your cup of coffee (or tea). You can stir your beverage and then drink it, or do both at the same time, if you wish! They’re also made from stainless steel, which makes them reusable. So no more plastic straws for parties.

Promising review: These look lovely in cocktail glasses. @Fay

Buy the spoon straws HERE

3. After buying this blanket, your burritos will always be amazing because the filling is you (or maybe your dog/cat). The only drawback is that you can’t take a bite, sorry.

Promising review: We love this! I bought it for myself, but my kids borrow it all the time. I got the 71 inch, and it’s pretty big. I
t’s not thick, but the fluff is pretty soft on both sides, and has held up fine in the laundry so far. Great purchase for a great price. @Caitlin Jones

Buy the burrito blanket HERE

4. Your sponges work all day and they deserve a cute bed. They will thank you for sure — they won’t stink and will always be easy to find. The material is also durable, so even the heaviest sponges can enjoy a good night’s rest.

Promising review: I bought this as a joke in our house. It was so cute and made us all smile, but it’s actually very useful and does the job of drying our sponges while looking adorable at the same time. Great kitchen item. @AV

Buy the bed for your sponge HERE

5. Instead of scrolling through a feed, play some golf with this mini golf potty set. It doesn’t gather dust, serves as a mat, and is easy to install. No more boredom in your house, even if you’re using the bathroom.

Promising review: I would say that the gift was unexpected but very nice anyway. Now my brother’s whole family plays it while they’re busy doing something else! @Valeria

Buy the mini golf potty set HERE

6. Protect your personal files from nosy people with this thumb drive, in the shape of a real thumb. It’s suitable for all USB 2.0 ports, needs no drivers, and the storage capacity is up to 32 GB. Thumbs up to the designers!

Promising review: It has great memory storage capacity and is easy to use. The memory stick only fits when I don’t have a USB mouse plugged in though, because there isn’t much space in between the ports. @Kenneth

Buy the thumb drive HERE

7. Stick some pickle bandages on your scratches and grazes, and shortly afterward, your skin will be smooth and perfect. You can also offer a pickle to your crying child, and they will forget about their scratch in seconds.

Promising review: My 10-year-old granddaughter is a pickle lover. For her Christmas present, I made her a huge gift with pickle items — T-shirts, a large blanket, a cookbook on how to make pickles, socks, and, of course, these pickle Band-Aids. @Amazon Customer

Buy the pickle bandages HERE

8. Picking up where you left off might be challenging, especially if you stopped reading somewhere in the middle. Ordinary bookmarks fall off and rip, but this finger pointing bookmark will literally point to the last sentence you read.

Promising review: I always spend a good couple of minutes searching for which line I was last on, this has helped me stop that. It’s kind of tricky to place on the book as you have to put it all around, and it’s not easily slotted into another page like a flat bookmark, but it most certainly makes up for it by having the pointer finger. Happy customer. @Kindle Customer

Buy the finger pointing bookmark HERE

9. Cats are everywhere — in funny videos, on our laptops when we work, and now even in our cups! This cat tea infuser has small holes, to keep your loose-leaf tea inside while it steeps. You can wash it by hand or in a dishwasher.

Promising review: I’ve wanted a tea infuser for quite some time. It may not be the most traditional style, but it’s too cute for words. We received a black one which is slightly different than in the picture. It sits perfectly perched on the edge of your cup, and you can infuse whichever tea you’d like.
Since it’s silicon-based, it won’t melt or get too hot. If you’re lazy like me, you can just have the cat face the opposite direction when you sip your tea. I use it with loose tea but, I suppose, you could open a tea bag or even stuff one in. I love it, and if you’re a secret cat lady like me, it’s brilliant. @SpyglassLifestyle

Buy the cat tea infuser HERE

10. No one can separate chicken eggs better than chickens themselves. This ceramic egg separator makes the process way easier and less messy. The yolks won’t run, and your dish won’t be ruined.

Promising review: Adorable little egg separator. It’s cute, it feels well-made, not too heavy. You can easily crack an egg open on the top of the chick, there’s a nice jagged edge to use. The hole is a little small, so you have to watch as you’re putting it in. The size is roughly 7 cm tall and 8 cm wide.
The egg separator does work, you also have to watch and make sure the yolk isn’t near the beak, as it will pull some through if you leave it near there. I would recommend this, it works for what you need it to, you could also use it as an egg cup. It’s absolutely adorable and well-made. Worth the price. @nikki

Buy the egg separator HERE

11. Your microwave will love the angry mama cleaner. She’ll clean any kind of grease with steam, and it’s absolutely safe since the material is non-toxic. Just add some vinegar and water — no harsh cleaning products are needed, and no scrubbing either.

Promising review: Very easy to use, with simple instructions, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good a job it did. 7 minutes of waiting and a quick wipe down equals one clean microwave. Lifted some stubborn baked-on porridge that had splattered on the ceiling of the microwave as well. Very pleased. @Steve

Buy the microwave cleaner HERE

12. These cute penguins will take care of your eggs as if they were their own. This penguin egg holder can fit up to 6 eggs and is suitable for all egg sizes. The handle is heat-insulating, and the plastic is food-safe. Invite some penguins to breakfast.

Promising review: Very quirky fun egg saver/boiler. It looks after my eggs and serves as a decoration at the same time.
You can just submerge it into boiling water and remove it easily with the handle. 6 at a time. It’s easy to wash and is ready for the next half dozen! @Margaret

Buy the penguin egg holder HERE

13. This little guy will take care of your keys. The goose key holder has a magnetic beak that can hold your keys without hooks. In fact, it can also hold other metal objects like clips and small scissors.

Promising review: Exactly as in the picture, looks awesome and the magnet holds. 10/10. @blackdiamond

Buy the goose key holder HERE

14. Go back to childhood and become a mermaid with this mermaid tail blanket. The size is 180 cm x 90 cm, and it’s made from knitted fabric. Perfect for those who can’t warm up completely until they wrap up their feet properly.

Promising review: I was actually a little scared that it wouldn’t fit me. There’s only one adult size and frankly, I’m older and there are a lot of adults here! I’m considered morbidly obese, being 85 lbs overweight.
It actually fits really nice! The upper portion isn’t fully closed and can be used more like a blanket. The important part down by the lower legs and feet is enclosed and keeps the feet and legs nice and toasty.
There’s an opening at the feet, but you can just fold that inward, so that it closes up nicely and keeps the draft out. It’s probably one of the reasons why it fits bigger people like me. If you follow the washing instructions, it should last a good long time. @S Taylor

Buy the mermaid tail blanket HERE

15. Turn your wireless earphones into popular products with these silicone cases. You can go for Nutella, Maltesers, or even Baked Beans. It’s compatible with Apple Airpods 1 and 2 and, most importantly, has an easy access charging port.

Promising review: I own fake airpods, so I wanted a case to be able to cover the light it flashed with. It was the perfect fit, and the silicone is very thick, so you can’t see the light, it’s very durable, and the lid is hard to remove, so there’s no chance of it falling off when in full use. @Izzy

Buy the silicone case HERE

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