15 Shelter Animals That Changed Dramatically After Adoption

5 years ago

6.5 million animals end up in shelters every year according to statistics. There are a few reasons why pets get abandoned by their owners. Problematic or aggressive behavior, bigger than expected size, and health issues are just some of them. Luckily, not everyone thinks like that. Because about a half of those animals (3.2 million) get adopted and find their new and loving homes.

We at Bright Side want to pay tribute to those kindhearted and caring humans who choose to adopt pets from the shelter. Take a look at what love and care can do!


One can’t but feel sympathy and pain when looking at this poor car with severely matted fur. The cat was found in this condition after being abandoned by its owner who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. A visit to the groomer’s and it’s a completely brand new and happy animal ready to move into a new home!


The transformation of this doggie called Frodo is just unbelievable! It looks like he really got a ring of power indeed! His fur, spirits, and trust in humans were restored by an animal rescuer Klaudija Sigurnjak, even though his right eye had to be removed.


Holland was very lucky to appear at the Trio Animal Foundation center one day. The first step to take was to give her fur a complete makeover, then treat her skin from bruises, cuts, and dryness. Holland’s recovery wasn’t too quick, yet attention and care made it all easier.


Emmy and Oscar once again proved that the police is there to help. They were found by Chicago policemen in an abandoned building and were saved by the Trio Animal Foundation later on. Spectacular outcome, as anyone can see.


It took 4 medical staff members and 2 hours to get through this dog’s messy fur while he was very scared about what was happening to him. Sang Su also had a skin infection and couldn’t move his ears properly, but now everything is alright.


Ruthie’s old age of 16 didn’t become an obstacle for her new owners when they decided to adopt her and the result is so obvious!


This dog’s destiny was set in stone — it was supposed to be euthanized. But just when it seemed like there was no hope, this lucky dog’s new owner came to adopt him!


Indeed, food can do quite a bit of magic. And when sprinkled with a fair share of love, it can truly work wonders. It took just 8 months for this guy to become the shiny star that he is now.


Pets see the best in their owners even when their eyes are as watery and crusty as this little kitten’s. It’s a pity that some people forget about their duties. A month of treatment — and she’s ready to see the world again!


Nigel is a dog for whom a little bit of care and attention made a big difference. It’s amazing how a nice furry coat and bright eyes shining with joy totally change the look of any dog.


Barkley’s coat wasn’t meant to be in patches at all. A nice thick layer of shiny fur fits him much better — and so does being a beloved pet.


The case here is that when the pup’s prospective owners first saw her, she was quite alright. Yet when they came to take her home after some paperwork, her state was as wretched as you can see in the first picture. But it’s nothing that love and care can’t fix!


How can a cat with such mesmerizing eyes be so neglected? It’s a mystery every time...but once again, good old TLC can change everything.


Nova’s foster parents did a great job of bringing her back to life. They wish they could keep her, but even though they can’t, there’s already a long list of families waiting to adopt her!


Originally named Stinky due to her bad-smelling 14 decaying teeth, this dog didn’t know what was waiting for her. When adopted by her new family, she was renamed Marnie. Her teeth were extracted and the smell went away, yet her long tongue kept falling out of her mouth in a very cute way. Marnie also has a Vestibular syndrome as you can see by her head tilt. She’s now a real Instagram star with 2 million followers!

The changes in these animals are just amazing! We’re so happy that they found loving homes and will never have to suffer from the unfairness of this world again.

Which transformation is the most striking in your opinion? Have you ever adopted an animal? Please share your stories and photos below!


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