15 Situations That Would Absolutely Annoy Even the Most Patient Person

year ago

Sometimes, rolling your eyes helps you find your inner peace when something goes wrong. But often, it is just not enough. So we have gathered 15 pics today to salute the patience these folks have, who took it upon themselves and shared their most “I can’t do this anymore” moments with us.

1. “Close to 0 available seats. Passengers entering, no reaction from the passengers with bags on the seats.”

2. “Trying to watch a movie on the airplane.”

3. “Someone blocking the aisle so they can have their own section”

4. “My loom before and after the art teacher ’helped’ me.”

5. “He parked like this and went on vacation.”

6. “Wants to record the whole flight from the middle seat.”

7. “My hotel made the walls of the bathroom fully transparent...”

8. “Housemate’s dog got into my 6 hour Butter Chicken. No dinner for me tonight.”

9. “Stood during the entire concert, even when absolutely nobody else was standing.”

10. “I work at a movie theatre and this is a regular occurrence...”

11. “Key broke off inside the lock to a very important work door. Wonder how much trouble I am in.”

12. “My girlfriend will cut off the stuffed crust and leave the rest for someone else.”

13. “After months of saving money for a new guitar, all that money will have to be spent on a new pair of glasses instead.”

14. “The joys of international travel...”

15. “Just done my business. *Someone* left this.”

If you made it to this point, we believe you need to do a long meditation now. How would you respond in these situations?


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