15 Smart Designs That’ll Make Anyone Feel Loved and Cared About

3 years ago

Love and care hide in the little things, even when it comes to the design of everyday things that we use. Being supportive, mindful, and thoughtful toward others are the things that keep our world spinning. Whether that’s traffic lights located on the ground to care for people who are looking at their phones or a handrail describing a wonderful scenery for the blind in Braille, each and every design in this article was meant to make people’s lives easier and brighter.

We at Bright Side were amazed at how many things there are around us that were done out of love. The bonus at the end will show you that even spiders can be cared for.

“South Korea puts traffic lights on the ground so that people who’re looking at their phones can still see the light.”

“Handrail in Naples describes the view in Braille.”

“My shirt has a microfiber cloth sewn on the inside to clean glasses.”

“Whoever invented these locks for kid toys to stay inside the packaging is a genius and I thank you. Didn’t need scissors for zip ties or get arthritis from un-twisting the ties.”

“I got a pizza with a bread ball instead of a plastic thingy to keep my pizza from being crushed during delivery.”

“Gluing the top layer of plastic halfway to make a handle. No more bleeding nails trying to get these things off.”

“Pump toothpaste in South Korea. One pump is the perfect amount for a toothbrush.”

Braille Rubik’s cube designed for blind people

Wheelchair-friendly kitchen

Extremely smart placement for a fire extinguisher

Australian money has braille for the vision impaired.

“My hot wings box has a word search on the inside.”

“This gym motivates with every step I take.”

“My city has been removing some street parking and making these ’Parklets.’ It’s a much better use of space.”

Adorable curd balls to make you feel happier.

Bonus: “I made a tiny mailbox for the spider living in my attic.”

Are there any smart designs in your neck of the woods? Please tell us about them in the comments!

Preview photo credit YuptheGup / reddit


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that bread ball in pizza is the best thing ever. So many of those plastic things are used daily and just pollute the planet


I think that this fire extinguisher placement is just for the beauty but not for any practical function 😅


In the word search, I found ketchup... which was not given the list beside 😛


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