15+ Super-Chill Animals That Reached the Ultimate Level of Relaxation

3 years ago

While us hoomans are always looking for a way to survive through the daily struggles of life, animals have it way better. They live the most Zen life possible by following the motto: eat, sleep, and repeat. Some also find a way to chill by sleeping in one of your boots or inside your jacket sleeve. We all can learn a thing or 2 from them too, to take it easy and have fun.

So, Bright Side decided to bring harmony in your life too by presenting you with the most relaxed animals, who’ve got their life figured out for good.

1. The forbidden salad

2. Puss in boots

3. My cat’s been unemployed for the last 18 months. I think it’s taking a toll.

4. Shhh... the baby is asleep!

5. An adorable sleepy flower

6. When you have a kitty superpower installed in your jacket:

7. Such a win-win, the cat gets stroked while asleep and you get a mouse pad.

8. Must have been a tough game of fetch

9. This pupper knows how to make the best use of a pillow. Just look at his priceless face.

10. She’s not allowed on the bed, but she’s sleeping so soundly!

11. Hugging his brother while he sleeps

12. The ultimate state of relaxation

13. This rescued baby parrot wouldn’t look at us the first day we got him and now he wants to cuddle every time he sleeps.

14. This cat dozed off with a derpy look.

15. Sleepy smiles

16. After fighting all afternoon, my dogs fell asleep like this.

Do you have some chillaxed pictures of your pets too? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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I swear I sometimes just get jealous at these animals... I also wanna just sleep all day sometimes ?


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