20 Tattoo Tributes That Honor Family With Ink

8 months ago

Tattoos are often not just beautiful pictures — they have a meaning behind them and become symbols of people’s experiences, important memories, and family. Many people choose to get tattoos that honor their loved ones or commemorate unique moments in their lives. Here are 15 family tattoo ideas that will inspire you to create a meaningful tribute to your family.

1. “My parents’ wedding photo”

2. “This is a sound wave of my sister saying, ’Mahal Kita’ which is a Tagalog translation of ‘I Love You.’”

“My sister passed away last year. Me and my older brother have been contemplating what our first tattoo should be. We had a friend cut the audio from a video of her singing, and we thought it would have been cool to get a clip of her saying a phrase and get that inked.”

3. “Tattoo commemorating my mom, using my favorite picture of us. She passed 2 weeks ago unexpectedly at only 46.”

4. “Me & my sister (plus reference photos).”

5. “So stoked with my family tattoo. The handwriting is from my grandma, mom, sister, and niece!”

6. “Got this in memory of my sister. Always made me laugh the way she drew her people & I’m so happy with how it came out.”

7. “My first real tattoo! Matching with my 4 sisters.”

8. “I got the same tattoo as my father for Father’s Day.”

9. “Eagle that my father was supposed to get tattooed, but couldn’t due to health problems, so I got it for him.”

10. “My mother always had beautiful handwriting and wrote this at the end of every single card and letter. She passed in October.”

11. “My first tattoo which is of my beautiful mother right there.”

12. “Discovered I have a half-brother 2 months ago so we all decided to complete the family tree (clockwise from top left: me, sister, brother, mom).”

13. “Me and my brother got matching Step Brothers tattoos.”

14. “Matching with my mom!”

15. “A tattoo of me and my brother, inspired by a photo”

16. “A matching Fall Out Boy tattoo my little sister and I got!”

17. “Got a matching tattoo with my mom today!”

18. “Matching tattoos that sum up our relationship.”

19. “Portrait of my brother and me.”

20. “My twin brother and I as kids.”

If you’re looking for a way to honor your family with a tattoo, these ideas are a great place to start. Choose a design that speaks to you and represents the bond you share with your loved ones. With a little inspiration and creativity, you can create a beautiful tribute that will last a lifetime.

Preview photo credit MooseyChops / Reddit


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