15 Things That Perfectly Match Their Surroundings

2 years ago

It’s incredibly satisfying when we’re able to make our clothes match. But that feeling skyrockets when something completely random goes perfectly with what’s around us. Take, for example, a cat whose fur is almost flawlessly disguised by a floor or a sock with the same pattern as your hotel room. Crazy, right?

Bright Side is sharing some peculiar camouflages that caught our eye.

1. “The birthday cake I made for my dad matches our counter.”

2. “My sock matched this wall in a dressing room.”

3. “My boyfriend got me a cat, but I lost it.”

4. There’s a bird in this photo.

5. “This tiny lizard on my sink”

6. “Couldn’t find my tortilla.”

7. “Was at a Red Roof Inn and my brother noticed something when I was laying on the bed.”

8. “Was getting some fish and chips one night when this guy walked in.”

9. “My shoes match the machines I use at work.”

10. “Yes, we did buy the bed because it matched her.”

11. “Dropped my glasses.”

12. “Couldn’t find my straw when I made iced coffee this morning.”

13. “There are 2 cats in this picture.”

14. “A leaf on my bed”

15. “Changed a light bulb above the bed and looked down to this.”

Have you ever accidentally matched something? What’s the most mind-blowing coincidence you’ve ever experienced? Sprinkle the comments with your fabulous stories and pics!

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