15 Things You May Have That Are Worth a Fortune

4 years ago

Old Legos and car toys, Tamagotchis, books, kitchenware, or even signs from your granddad’s motorcycle — some things that we hide in our attics can be really valuable. What someone might consider trash, someone else might be dying to own. That’s it, in the world of collectors a lot of unexpected things are in demand, even cereal boxes.

Bright Side thinks that our readers should consider rummaging through the old things in their homes, since some of them can be sold on selling platforms for good money. Let’s check out what they are!

1. Old cereal boxes

Many associate bright cereal boxes with cozy morning breakfasts. In the world of collectors, some old paper packaging from these sweet morning treats are being sold for unbelievable amounts. Most buyers are driven by feelings of nostalgia — they have a lot of warm memories about their careless childhood, cartoons, and snacks.

2. Furby toys from the ’90s

Many of us probably still own one of these fluffy toys. Though, it might be worth re-checking its production year. It turns out that Furbys that were made at the end of 20th century might be more in demand among collectors. Made in 1998, first editions, rainbow, and angel-looking ones can be sold for $300+.

3. Old school Tamagotchis

This most loved toy from the ’90s is still popular after so many years. Most of them used to be pretty cheap, and a lot of people could afford them. Right now you can still buy a Tamagotchi, but the original old school and rare ones are being sold for more than $1,000.

4. Lego collectibles

Even though Legos are an extremely popular and generally affordable toy, some of its editions have a high price. For example, a Millennium Falcon unopened set from 2007 can be sold on eBay for more than $1,500. Additionally, some of the more rare tiny figures are in demand, like the head of Darth Vader.

5. Old comic books

The value of some comic books also goes up as time passes. Old Marvel comics are being sold for extremely high prices. The most expensive ones are the editions, where heroes like Captain America, Spider-Man, Superman, or Batman appear for the first time.

6. Pokemon cards

Those who loved playing Pokemon card games at school might want to take a look through their collection one more time. Some of the cards’ editions can differ slightly from the normal ones. They could have a different design, different colors, and may even have holograms — these details can make the item more valuable among collectors. Also, if the card was never used it can raise the price even higher.

7. Old school Nintendo games

Old school games are always valuable among collectors, and their value will only go up over time. The game “Stadium Events” by Bandai is believed to be extremely rare, since the company released a newer version and tried to remove the older one from the shelves. Now it’s sold on eBay for around $5,000. Other old games for Game Boy and different consoles are still in demand.

8. Camaro old car toys

Camaro toy cars are cheap and are being sold online and in stores. However, older version of these toys can be sold for a decent amount of money. Released in 1995, the white painted Camaro car with orange stripes on the hood and trunk from the TREA$URE HUNT SERIES is the real deal. This small toy is one of the most expensive and desired collectables in the series, and it’s being sold for more than $1,500.

9. Harry Potter copies credited to Joanne Rowling

The first edition of the Harry Potter book series is now wanted by many of its fans and collectors. In 1997 only 500 books were published. What makes it so special is the crediting of “Joanne Rowling,” instead of “J.K. Rowling” like in the later versions.

10. Vintage typewriters

In the world of computers and keyboards, typewriters look like ugly ducklings. And this is what makes some models so unique and expensive. Lots of vintage and antique lovers want to own this machine for themselves. These large and weighty apparatuses can work as a piece of interior decor or an authentic tool for a writer.

11. Meat stones

Chinese collectors are in love with a particular type of a stone — jasper that looks like a piece of smoked meat. These stones even have their own museum in Lushan, China. On eBay they are being sold for different prices — from $10 up to $500 and even more. The bigger and more realistic the rock, the better the price.

12. Vintage Pyrex dishes

Some of us might have inherited a colorful Pyrex dish from our mom or our grandmother. It might be high time to wipe the dust from them, because some passionate collectors are on the hunt for old Pyrex kitchenware. Prices start from $300 and go way up. The age, style, color, and physical state of a dish play a significant role in the price.

13. Vintage advertising signs

Advertising signs have not lost their popularity, even today, since they are often used in many cafes and bars: the older and more vintage the sign, the better. Not only do beverage lovers want to own one, but also people who are fond of old vehicles, photo and video equipment, or just interesting looking logos. They are popular on selling platforms and get sold from around $20 up to $1,000, or even more.

14. Vintage lunch boxes

Lunch boxes are another precious childhood companion that holds a lot of memories. Cartoon and comic book characters, nature scenes, or just colorful patterns — even back then so many options were available to make our lunch time more fun. Though, now they’ve become even more valuable among collectors. Prices for vintage lunch boxes can range from $100-$400, or even more.

15. Old soda crates

This might seem weird to some, but even vintage soda crates are in demand among several groups of people. Prices start from $20 and go higher, depending on how old and good looking the item is. One thing is for sure, this collectible will be able to bring an authentic look to any themed picnic or garden party!

Do you own any of these things? Have you tried selling vintage things online already? What did you sell?

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What! I can't believe those cereal boxes are so expensive ???


Well, I guess an rich then haha. I have a lot of Tamagotchi


I found 2 450 pkemon cards but turns out they are fakes!


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