15+ Thrift Finds People Immediately Decided to Take Home

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A thrift store is a treasure trove where you can stumble upon a diverse array of items, from wedding and prom dresses to valuable finds like gold, diamonds, and antiques. Each visit unfolds as a unique adventure, offering new items waiting to be discovered.

1. “My husband has a pretty good eye. He found this dress for me fo only $20.”

2. “For my high school prom, I thrifted my dress at a local vintage shop for $30.”

3. “14k Seiko watch for $44”

4. “Tweed luggage set for $16!”

5. “I can’t believe I found this vintage Dior bustier at Goodwill for $5! It’s so gorgeous.”

6. “My best thrift find ever, 18k gold necklace with 82 diamonds.”

7. “Complete outfit $28 for a wedding I’m attending”

8. “I was told this was a green amethyst, and haggled to $42. Took it to a jeweler to have it appraised — it’s a rare green diamond worth more than $8k!”

9. “Brought home a 1960’s Scandinavian-style ‘Magic Box’ desk.”

10. “I found a vintage 925 silver ring at an antique/thrift store for $15.”

11. “Picked up this 1940s-era coat for $20!”

12. “Found in a thrift store in Alaska for $4.99.”

13. “My thrift store find. Emerald and diamond 18k gold ring. $16”

14. “$2.99 for this Whiting & Davis Art Deco mesh bag from the 1920s. I’m still in shock.”

15. “The wedding dress of my dreams (and in my size) for $40.”

16. “Found this unmarked 18k gold and sapphire pin for $2.”

17. “14k gold with diamonds vintage Bulova watch”

It’s fascinating how sometimes the most surprising discoveries can happen right within the confines of our own homes. In this article, people have shared cool and shocking things they’ve stumbled upon.


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