14 Times Designers Created Something That Raised Too Many Questions to Answer

year ago

Innovation and inventiveness drive humanity forward. And a bunch of creative minds has designed some items to help make our lives easier. The following people have shared such objects and products online that seem to raise more questions than answers.

1. “Today, I built the Squatty Slides.”

2. “The button for colors is a white shirt, and the button for whites is a black shirt.”

3. “Probably wouldn’t be such a bad idea if every angle wasn’t slightly off.”

4. “We expected some road signs when visiting an archeological area — then we found them.”

5. “This double-sided exit sign”

6. “I prototype absurd invention ideas, and this is the Everything Apron.”

7. “I made a terrifying, life-sized all denim Furby from scratch. It was necessary.”

8. “Didn’t want to shut it anyway.”

9. “Ride on Spac Eship!”

10. “Metal flip-flop serving plates”

11. “This confusing elevator button arrangement”

12. “I think they misjudged the space they needed.”

13. “Where is room 310?”

14. “I made an ear of corn earring for my ear earring”

What are some designs that left you scratching your head? Share your brain-busting designs below.

Preview photo credit rightcoastguy / Reddit


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