15 Times Nature Decided to Decorate the World in Its Own Way

year ago

Each time the world starts to seem predictable, nature throws out a surprise to show that little miracles are everywhere. You can be exhausted from overworking or taking care of your family, but there is one powerful source that can add some positive vibes to your life.

1. Double pumpkin

2. “Snail clusters on a tree”

3. “The way the moss grew around the cover.”

4. “A woodpecker (or some other bird) has been making interesting patterns in my tree.”

5. “The way rain carved out the sand around this ball and ’elevated’ it”

6. “This perfectly defined rainbow that shows up on the wall every sunny day.”

7. “The reflection on the windows makes this building look see-through.”

8. “Snowpile in the corner of a building that refuses to melt”

9. “My bracelet started picking up all of the iron from the sand.”

10. “It’s so cold that the steam from the sewer grate turns into snow.”

11. “Uprooted tree”

12. It’s so hot they melted.

13. Bubble framing

14. “Frozen nature”

15. “Dragonfly vs Cucumber plant”

Who is more powerful — nature or human beings? Which is the most creative season of the year, in your opinion?


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