15 Times People Stumbled Upon Extraordinary Things You Don’t See Every Day

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As children, we often view the world with wonder, but as adults, the demands of life often overshadow this sense of awe. Thankfully, the online world serves as a reminder of the world’s endless wonders, since those who are able to capture unique sightings on camera make sure to share them with everyone. Like these people did!

1. “Something my brother and I found at the beach.”

“My brother stepped on this blue-ringed octopus in the sand accidentally. It was dead and covered in sand, and he thought it was a jellyfish, so he scooped it up between two rocks and brought it to me so we could put it down and check what it was. We poured water over it to wash the sand off and we did
we noticed the shiny blue rings. The way they reflect light looks like they’re glowing.

We are aware of how dangerous they are and spent a while afterwards researching them. They can paralyze and kill a human in under half an hour and contain enough poison to kill 26 adult humans. It’s so deadly but so beautiful.”

2. “I left some dish soap out overnight and it dried in this pattern.”

3. “My water bottle shrank after putting it in the dishwasher.”

4. “The door knob is higher at the doctor’s office to prevent kids from escaping.”

5. “I cleaned my leather couch and the cattle brand showed through.”

“It’s only visible when it’s wet. Completely gone when it dries.”

6. “The pattern that formed inside this burnt out light bulb.”

7. “The bottom of my shoes have musical notes.”

8. “My orange toolbox looks like a real life pickup item from a video game under my room’s blue light.”

9. “View from my kitchen window this morning.”

10. “Seen in Chicago”

11. “Just cleaned the pool at my new house for the first time...surprise dolphin!”

12. “This lemon from my lemon tree.”

13. “I was riding my bike under a rainbow through a shower.”

14. “Such a pragmatic application of solar. Powers the store, and keeps the cars shaded.”

15. “The sun hit this freshly-paved tarmac just right and made a real-life rainbow road through polarized lenses.”

Sometimes people come across items that are not only fascinating, but also a complete mystery. With some, not even their shape or size indicates their purpose. Fortunately, there are people online who are experts in solving these every day mysteries.

Preview photo credit Im-a-king / Reddit


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