15 Times Things Only Pretended to Be Plain and Normal

3 years ago

Sometimes we see things that make us lift our eyebrows and say, “Sorry, what did I just see?” Like when you decided to make a cupcake that turned out looking like an elephant or when you burned a match that looked like a microphone. Such coincidences make us believe that the world still has something new to reveal to us.

We at Bright Side are passionate about such coincidences and couldn’t help but dig through the entire Internet to find amusing pics for our beloved readers.

1. “My boyfriend and I found a curly fry that looks like a treble clef.”

2. “This overflowing cupcake ended up looking like an elephant.”

3. “Turned the light on and noticed someone has been watching me.”

4. “Seems like this plant is about to ask me for something...”

5. “My burnt match looks like a stage microphone.”

6. “The tigers on these socks look like house cats when turned inside out.”

7. There’s a whole other galaxy in this hand sanitizer.

8. “This cloud that looks like a feather”

9. “My coffee grounds look like a forest at the edge of a lake.”

10. “This pumpkin in our garden split and it looks like it has teeth.”

11. “My friend’s sausage sandwich mustard blob looks like a small duck.”

12. “This leaf that looks pixilated”

13. “Security cameras disguised as birds”

14. “This cup my mom bought me looks like a crumpled tin can.”

15. “An ice ghost inside of my water bottle”

Have you ever seen such coincidences that made you not believe your eyes? Did you manage to take pics? Please share them with us in the comment section!


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