15+ Times When Architects Decided “Creativity” First and “Logic” Second

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One of the principles of architecture is to use traditional materials in revolutionary ways. The other is to create a concept that should have a narrative. The thing is that some people take this principle all too literally. They end up creating something that makes us wonder what the true story was behind it all.

We at Bright Side have found some original concepts in architecture that are undoubtedly highly creative, but not very reasonable after all.

1. Sami Storehouse, Stockholm

2. Valley building, Amsterdam

3. Museum of the Future

4. Casa del Acantilado

5. “Private apartments and a health food store inhabit this building.”

6. “Definitely some weird high-tech evil things happenin’ in there with those green lights.”

7. “Ready for takeoff!”

8. Lithuanian National Drama Theatre

9. “An interesting building in Tel Aviv that has some Gaudi influences”

10. The Cincinnati Mushroom House, Erie Avenue, Hyde Park, Cincinnati, OH

11. King Power Mahanakhon, the tallest building in Bangkok.

12. F&F Tower, Panama City

13. “Crazy House” (hotel), Dalat

14. Luma Arles, Parc des Ateliers, Arles

15. Crescent Moon Tower

16. Top-down aerial view of the Pavilion of the Enlightened, Bangkok

17. University of Technology, Sydney

What other architectural weirdos have you ever seen in your life? Maybe you have some local beauties in your city or country?


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