15 People Who Showed Us We All Have Our Own Life Path to Follow

year ago

Every picture tells a story, just as every person follows their path. All of us have a vivid and intricate life, and it’s important to remember that everyone is different, and what works for the majority may not work for you. Even though it’s difficult to find our way through the world, we should live and set our own terms to have a truly fulfilling life.

At Bright Side, we believe in the importance of unexpected events in people’s lives, and we feel that every aspect of those stories is worth celebrating, whether for achieving something or simply experiencing it.

1. “Since I was 16, I wanted to be child-free, so I underwent a permanent sterilization to avoid unexpected pregnancies.”

2. “After 11 miscarriages, I finally have my rainbow baby.”

3. “I was really insecure about my hair, so I decided to just shave it all off.”

4 “Today is my 7th ’Zipperversary’ for my life-saving and forever life-changing brain surgery.”

5. “Was told I could never have children. Say hi to Remi!”

6. “Finally tied the knot with my girlfriend of 7 years, it hasn’t been an easy adventure, but I am glad of the result.”

7. “I’ve been using makeup as a distraction from chronic pain and everyone was so lovely to me.”

8. “I struggled with having grays at a young age. 3 years ago, I stopped using dye to encourage others to do the same.”

9. “Never did I think it would be possible for me to have a family. At 38, I have been blessed with a beautiful daughter.”

10. “We’re now officially Mr. and Mr., and we stand for those who came before us and were brave enough to fight for us.”

11. “My 40ish yr old brother, battling cancer and post stroke, got to experience the beach again.”

12. “In one year I went from never leaving the bed to traveling the world solo for 10 months, making friends and finding romance.”

13. “I’d been struggling with depression and anxiety for a couple of years. Then we got Scout, and she saved me.”

14. “On the left is me on my birthday stuck in a toxic marriage, vs me on my birthday yesterday, all geared up and ready to go skydiving.”

15. “I just bought my first house. It took a lot of saving and watching my credit like a hawk. But I pulled through!”

Which pictures moved you the most? Do you have any similar stories to share?


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