15 Unbelievable Things Kids Said That Will Instantly Give You the Creeps

If you stumble upon a kid talking to somebody that’s not there, don’t worry! A recent study states that by the age of 7, about 37% of children develop at least one imaginary friend. These companions can either be human, animal, or fantasy creatures. The thing is, most kids don’t realize that they are not real, and it might seem like the supernatural is at work.

Here at Bright Side, we all love a good read. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of the most interesting things kids have ever said.



  • When my older daughter was 2 or 3, she used to have a couple of imaginary friends, Dodo and DeeDee. They were typical imaginary friends. She would talk to them and play with them, and tell me about their lives. Then one day, when she was about 3, she was talking on her play phone when I walked into the room.
    She “hung up” her phone and said to me with a completely flat voice and deadpan expression: “The Evil is coming.” It scared me so much. She seriously had an imaginary friend named “The Evil.” Turns out The Evil was actually a pretty nice friend, she just had an unfortunate name.
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  • When my niece was 2, her grandfather died. A few months later, she started the phase of talking to herself, imaginary friends, and such. One day, I asked her who she was talking to. She replied, “I’m talking to ’The Man.’” I asked what The Man looked like, and she described my dad perfectly.
    I asked if he had a name, and she gave my father’s name, even though she only knew him as “Grandpa.” The creepiest part was when she told my mother that The Man told her where his lost wedding ring was, which she had been looking for since he passed. It was right where she said.
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  • My cousin had imaginary pet chickens she called “Bock bocks.” For over 2 years she fed them, put them to sleep, and took them for walks. One day my father was visiting, and she ran up to him with her hands cupped together and held them out to him, and said, “Look, Uncle!”
    She was always making him imaginary food which he would pretend to gobble up, so he scooped the imaginary bundle from her hands, shoved it in his mouth, and pretended to gobble it up. Only when she started screaming and spewing tears did everyone realize it wasn’t imaginary food. It was her bock bocks. She was deeply sad for days, and they never returned.
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  • My cousin, when she was 5, and I was 17, had a stuffed rabbit that she talked to and carried everywhere. One day, she was asleep on the couch while I was watching her, and she woke up and started yelling at her rabbit for no reason. One minute she was knocked out, the next, she’s awake, glaring at her rabbit, yelling, “No! You can’t do that! That’s bad! Don’t do it!” repeatedly. I asked her what was wrong, tried to get her to stop, but she wouldn’t listen. I finally just took the rabbit up to her room and when I came back down she was asleep on the couch again.
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  • When I was a kid I used to get visits from “the big bad wolf” who would come to my window at night. He wasn’t bad, he would tell me stories, and he lived in a ravine near my house. Years later, I mentioned it to my parents, assuming it was one of them. They had no idea what I was talking about. That freaked me out a bit, but what freaked me out more was hearing my cousin’s kid tell me her imaginary friend was “the big bad wolf” and that he visited her at bedtime.
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  • I was 17 and babysitting a friend of the family’s 6-year-old. He’d been in bed a couple of hours, and I just peeked in to check on him. He wasn’t in the bed and when I opened the door wider, I saw he was standing in the corner, facing the wall. Creepiest thing ever. I asked him what he was doing and all he did was turn around, smile, and put his finger to his lips as if to say, “Shhh.” I asked him again what he was doing and all he says is, “Leave us. It is the punishment.” © laughingyotus / Reddit

Did you have imaginary friends when you were a child? If you remember similar stories from your childhood, feel free to share them with us in the comment section.

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