15 Unique Things That Prove Asia Is a Whole New World

4 years ago

China alone had approximately 60.74 million international tourist arrivals in 2017. And it’s no wonder! Asia has always attracted people with its architecture, nature, and culture. You feel like you’re in a totally different world where you can sometimes even lose yourself.

We at Bright Side are inspired by Asia and would like to share our experience with you. There is a useful bonus for you at the end of the article about some inventions that you may need while you’re in Asia.

There are some time zone exceptions that might surprise us.

It might be difficult to accept, but there is only one time zone in China, although geographically this country is huge and could include 5 zones. There is only Beijing time in China!

For those who live on the east coast of China, it can be very easy to be in harmony with the time zone. But people from western provinces may feel out of sorts. For example, in Kashgar, the westernmost city in China, you can enjoy sunsets in July until 11 PM.

There are some secrets to staying young that are known only in Asia.

Tell us your secret! Asian people live and stay young much longer. If there is some medicine for immortality, it will be found in Asia.

Just have a look at these people! They look like they are at most, 25 years old. But actually Lure Hsu is 43 and Chuando Tan is 52.

There are miracles of modern architecture in Asia.

One of these miracles is the “White Temple” in Thailand. This unique art exhibit belongs to Chalermchai Kositpipat, who designed, constructed, and opened it in 1997. When you visit it, you feel like you are transported inside an Asian fairy tale!

It is mostly white and this gives you the perception of weightlessness. If you want to feel like the hero of an Asian movie, here is the place to do it.

There is a parallel universe that can transfer you to the Avatar world.

Asia is very rich in wonderful places! And one of these is the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. It is located in Zhangjiajie City in China. The pillar-like rock formations will transport you out of reality. Hiking, photography, and adventure aficionados will find a whole parallel universe full of beauty here.

When you look at those formations, you feel like the hero from the Avatar movie. When you visit for the first time, it’s difficult to understand that you are still on planet Earth.

There is a special attitude toward cleanliness in Asia.

There are different rules that govern cleanliness and order in Asia. As proof, there are even special shoes for the toilet. Maybe at first this might seem useless, but those slippers are used to minimize the contact between an unclean bathroom floor and the clean floor in the rest of the apartment.

There is a teeth blackening tradition in some Asian countries.

This tradition appears to be an effective version of dental care and was done to preserve the teeth until old age. It prevents tooth decay, similar to modern dental sealants.

Besides dental care, it is also believed that blackened teeth differentiate humans from animals and can be a sign of beauty and evolution.

There are places where you feel like you’re in the future.

There is a hotel with robots instead of staff! The Henn-na hotel is a great place for kids and technology lovers and you can easily stay there when you come to Tokyo. A friendly robot-dinosaur will even meet you at check-in!

And no more problems with language barriers. This staff can speak many different languages.

There is a huge system of fines in some Asian countries.

Singapore might be one of the cleanest and most organized places, where people’s behavior is based on a great respect for their fellow humans. But this environment is also connected with an intricate system of rules and fines. If you don’t follow the rules, like the ban on chewing gum, you might be slapped with a huge fine of $500, or even $1000.

It’s normal to sleep everywhere, even at work.

When you are riding the Tokyo metro, walking on the street, or working in a Japanese office, don’t be surprised to see people sleeping everywhere. People there are real workaholics and take the opportunity to nap for 30 minutes during their commute so that they feel better.

There is even a special name for sleeping while on duty. It is called Inemur and it’s considered a sign of dedication to one’s job.

There is a huge desire to be the best at everything in Asia.

The desire to be the best is expressed in everything they do. Especially in architecture and money. For example, there is the Liebian Building skyscraper that is 121 m (396 ft) high. But the peculiarity of the building is an extremal artificial waterfall that is 108 m (350 ft) tall. The waterfall maintenance system occupies 4 full floors of the skyscraper!

The operation of the waterfall is pretty expensive and the electricity alone costs $116 per hour. For this reason, the waterfall works only on holidays.

There is a toilet topic that is very popular in Asia.

There is even a Suwon Mr. Toilet House in Seoul. Mr. Toilet is a functional museum. There is a story that the former mayor of Suwon had a goal to clean and beautify all the toilets in the city.

After he died his house was donated to the municipality and turned to the museum.

In Asia, you can have some of the most unusual and bizarre experiences.

To satisfy your extreme experience urges, you just need to come to Asia, because there is a huge amount of unorthodox activities available. Like SkyCycle in the Philippines. Your bike is on a cable that is 60 ft high and you cycle a 200 m distance up in the sky.

Or you can go to Huashan Mountain to have an unforgettable experience by climbing the Path of Death. There you can touch the clouds and see unbelievable and breathtaking views.

Asian companies created the urban transport system of the future and totally got ahead of themselves.

Toyota i-Road “combines the potential of both cars and motorcycles.” This is the future of urban transportation that can make life easier and faster. With this new generation transport you can travel 50 km without charging your vehicle.

One of the longest bridges in the world is in Asia.

And the longest bridge is Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge in China. It’s huge! Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge between Shanghai and Nanjing has a total length of 164.8 km (102.4 mi). Wow! This amazing construction took 4 years to build.

The sloth bear is an insectivorous bear that exists only in Asia.

This sloth bear, who’s hugging a park ranger, is a vegetarian and eats only fruits, honey, tubers, and insects. This type of bear now exists only in Asia. And we are thankful that we still can find them there!

Sloth bears are absolutely adorable!

Bonus: Perfect inventions that you need in Asia

This super-innovation is for seismic zones in Asia, and it’s aptly called the “earthquake bed.” This bed protects you while sleeping. If an earthquake is detected, it “swallows you” and keeps you safe. There is also a stock of supplies inside. It was created by Dahir Insaat and got a patent in China by Wang Wenxi.

Charpai is a legendary traditional Indian bed that is famous for its natural qualities. It is the best choice when the weather is too hot. Charpai is must have because its net is made out of cotton, other natural fibers, and date leaves.

What Asian things or customs inspire you? Please, tell us your opinion! And don’t forget to share this article with friends.


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This article makes me want to visit China or Japan! I'm so interested now, and want to see robots myself ?


There is no medicine of immortality in Asia! These guys eat so healthy, like none of us does. Sea products, lots of vegetables, sea weed, fruits. And this is a result their bodies reward them with :)


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