15+ Unusual Things That’ll Definitely Make You Say, “Why Is That There?”

5 months ago

In this world of endless possibilities, it’s hard to be surprised anymore. But fear not, because we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the most bizarre and mind-bending sights that will make you look twice and wonder, “What on earth is that doing there?”

1. “You can do science all day nonstop with that.”

2. This is a special addition to the family album.

3. SpongeBob is watching you.

4. “He’s just trying to brush all the bad memories away.”

5. “I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought wrenches looked like birds.”

6. “It’s hacking time.”

7. “One of those with a diet coke, please.”

8. Considering the other options, it’s plausible that the tenants hold this toilet in high regard.

9. You can always charge your laptop while you wait.

10. Who needs a fry basket when you have a pair of sneakers handy?

11. “This toilet was found in a real estate listing.”

12. “A meat grinder lamp found in a local thrift store”

13. “Tire cover face spotted at Menards”

14. “I spotted this girl in the wild today at IKEA in Houston.”

15. “The ugliest sandals found at my local Tokmanni — the sign says, ’Fish sandals.’”

16. “I spotted this toilet seat, which gives new meaning to ’watching your cash flow.’”

17. “I must have snored a lot last night. My uvula has swollen enough to sit on my tongue.”

18. “The palm of my hand grows hair after a skin graft I got a few years ago.”

19. “I was born with 3-ish toes on my right foot.”

Embark on a journey of discovery as we present a collection of articles that uncover the strangest things that people have found:


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