15+ Women Over 40 Who Look as Stunning as Celebrities, or Maybe Even Better

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3 years ago

Many of us admire the way 51-year-old Jennifer Lopez and 46-year-old Penélope Cruz look. But there are usually big teams of makeup artists, hairdressers, and stylists that make them look as gorgeous as they do. Ordinary women don’t have these helpers, but still, some of them look just as amazing as celebrities.

In order to prove this, Bright Side wants you to look at these photos of women over 40. Their natural beauty is dashing, isn’t it?

“I am 46, but I feel like I am 25.”

“This is my mom, she will turn 50 next year. I’m happy I’m not a girl because I probably wouldn’t find a boyfriend with such a gorgeous woman next to me.”

“This year my mom turns 49. I am proud of her.”

“My mom and I (69 and 41)”

“My mom is 47.”

“I am 40 years old.”

Another gorgeous woman over 40

A sincere smile takes 10 years off your real age.

“Okies, I am also in the club... I am turning 48 in a month.”

“My mom is 65. Her eyes shine with youth. I want to be like her.”

You can look bright at 50+ too.

“I am 52 years old.”

Ideal body shape at 50? Why not?

“I am 46.”

It’s hard to believe but this woman is also over 40.

When your age is just a number in your passport:

This beauty is 46 years old.

“My name is Vita, I am 42 years old. I am sure that in today’s world 40 is the new 30. And I am still surprised when my friends’ kids call me ‘Auntie.’ I don’t look like auntie at all, do I?”

Are there beauties among our readers who have already turned 40? Please do share your photos in the comments!


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wow! these women look so young but are old!! my mom is 40+ and she looks so young! lliterly many men's come to my mom and soeak. leaves when my mom says she jas a husband and 2 kids lol


I think they all look their age. Women especially, nowadays, look much younger than we imagine in our heads. You just have to look around you in the street to see I'm right.


This is my girl Sunnie at 56 can't wait to see her at 60!

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