20 Tiny Animals That Will Steal Your Heart

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According to the famous zoologist, Konrad Lorenz, “baby schema” can explain why we find babies, small animals, and tiny objects cute. Baby animals remind us of human children, and our natural instinct is to shelter and protect them. But our reaction to seeing adorable things can also include “cuteness aggression,” a response that makes us want to touch and squish tiny creatures.

We at Bright Side made a list of 20 photos of adorable baby animals that are guaranteed to trigger all the right responses in our brains.

1. “Found a tiny criminal hiding in the wall of our house.”

2. “The Australian western pygmy possum is actually one of the largest pygmy possums in the world despite being no larger than a typical kiwi fruit.”

3. “A spotted turtle and a spotted frog”

4. “Baby goat”

5. “My Uber driver had a tiny baby bunny in his car.”

6. “A Roth’s dwarf racer I met today in Jerusalem”

7. “So small, she fit in the palm of my hand!”

8. “I found this tiny yellow-eared slider in my pool skimmer.”

9. “Baby Antechinus”

10. “My baby hognose snake on my thumb”

11. “My new friend is 26 grams of awesome.”

12. “A very tiny baby harvest mouse”

13. “This is baby Toast.”

14. “A tiny baby shrew I found today”

15. “A tiny turtle getting cleaned”

16. “A full-grown western pygmy possum who briefly came into my care”

17. “My friend’s new baby turtle”

18. “My lil’ starfish buddy”

19. “Look what I found!”

20. “Welcome to the world little one!”

What’s your favorite animal? Do you have any pets? Share your cute photos with us in the comment section below.


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