16 Harry Potter Items on Amazon That Will Bring Magic Into Your Home

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It took Rowling 6 years to write the first Harry Potter book, but she has given us 25 magical years. With it, she introduced us to a wizarding world that many of us wish was real. Fortunately, we have our own muggle-friendly shop where we can go to get products that can make us feel magical.

We at Bright Side enjoyed coming up with this list of Harry Potter products from Amazon, and we know you’ll find your favorites among them.

1. Realistic mandrake pot that actually screams.

Buy the mandrake on Amazon here

Editor’s choice

All Harry Potter fans know the mandrake plant well, especially because of the irritable sounds it makes. If you want to have your own, then this plush toy is for you. When you pull it upward it screeches and screams, luckily it stops when you place it back into the pot.

Promising review:

  • Howling & Whining — In recent years, our daughter’s room has been transformed into a Harry Potter sanctuary. It is filled with wizardry artifacts and movie memorabilia. The concept of a wailing and vibrating mandrake is simply brilliant. So we’re glad we have one now. Our little wizard was delighted with it and would highly recommend it. — Djilly. L

2. Hand-painted mandrake with a pot for those who love to display their collectibles.

Buy the magical mandrake plant collectible on Amazon here

Amazon’s choice

If you want to add the mandrake plant to your Harry Potter collection without the need for earmuffs, then this one is the right one for you. The hand-painted collectible is also the right size and looks magical in its display case.

Promising reviews:

  • Good quality — Lovely statue for a Harry Potter fan. Detailed characteristics from the movie and has a nice display. — Ruby Tuesday
  • Great — Really nice piece and came quickly. This is my first noble piece and won’t be my last. Very good seller. — jamie

3. The Monster Book from Harry Potter that roars and chomps

Buy the Monster Book on Amazon here

Magical collectible piece

While the Monster Book in the movies was able to bite you, you’ll be safe with this one. While it’s interactive, it won’t reach for your hand to grab you. Plus it’s small in size which makes it just right for your collection.

Promising review:

  • A real monster of a book — Love this, so far it has made the grandchildren jump and been chased by my daughter’s Ragdoll cats, finally sitting on a shelf with my other Harry Potter bits and pieces! — B.C. Smith

4. Hogwarts trunk collectible set is the perfect gift for friends who are into the Wizard World.

Buy the trunk on Amazon here

#1 Best Seller

In this magical trunk set, you’ll get an enamel pin, an interactive journal, a wand pen, the Marauder’s map, and even more. This also makes the perfect gift for fans.

Promising reviews:

  • Lovely quality Perfect size. Much bigger than I expected it to be for the price. It was one of my daughter’s favorite gifts. Perfect for a little Harry Potter fan. — Dancing_Char
  • Well-made product — Purchased for a 6-year-old Harry Potter fan. I know he will love it. The case/trunk is very well-made. Perfect for keeping all your HP stuff in. — Kevin Hart

5. Harry Potter goblet, a decorative piece that will fit perfectly with your collection

Buy the goblet on Amazon here


This high-quality goblet will not only be the perfect addition to your collection, but you can use it for your parties. It will definitely make them feel unique!

Promising review:

  • Stunning — I bought this as a gift for my son’s girlfriend’s birthday after we’d gone on the Harry Potter studio tour. She loves Hedwig and this goblet was perfect for her. She was over the moon with it. — Suzanna

6. Ron Weasley’s interactive Lumos wand that lights up and can be traced with an app.

Buy the wand on Amazon here

Great design

With this wand, you can be sure that your kids will have fun for hours. But not just them, you won’t be able to wait to get your hands on it either. The app definitely makes the experience magical.

Promising reviews:

  • Just as expected — Parcel arrived promptly. The item looks very good, and I am sure my great-granddaughter will be delighted when she gets it for her birthday. — Diane J Rowe
  • Great value and loved by my Harry Potter-obsessed daughter — Great product and great value for the money. My daughter is very happy with it. — Gemma Puddicombe

7. Harry Potter headphones for kids who love the books and movies

Buy the headphones on Amazon here

Perfect gift for kids

Getting presents for kids progressively becomes more difficult, especially while they are growing up. But there is no mistake in getting these headphones for those who love Harry Potter.

Promising review:

  • Perfect — Got them for my granddaughter, and she just loves them. They fit just right and came on time. — frances back

8. Golden Snitch desk lamp that also looks like a magical display

Buy the Golden Snitch on Amazon here


Having the Golden Snitch on your desk or in your collection will make it look like you won the Quidditch tournament. But this one is even more magical, as it lights up when you touch it.

Promising review:

  • Great light — Bought this for my daughter’s 8th birthday, she’s Harry Potter mad! Lovely bedside light, it’s her favorite thing in the room. The only downside is it’s a little bit cheap looking. The plastic globe could have been thicker plastic. It’s a real winner, though, generally pleased with the purchase. — alice sizeland

9. Harry Potter’s training wand with 11 spells to cast

Buy the training wand on Amazon here

Easy to use

Get ready for your own magical training, or get your kid prepared for the wizarding world with this wand! With the interactive spells, sounds, and lights you will all have a great time together.

Promising review:

  • Great toy — I bought this for my daughter’s 10th birthday, and it has gone down incredibly well today. Lots of whizz-bang for my HP mad girl. We also bought one for my youngest (7) to give her in July for her birthday too.
    The training and spell practice modes are fun and great to test the Harry Potter fanatic. The best of the best is the Wizard Tag mode, which is so much fun. Think laser tag with wands. You get 5 lives and can fire at each other. Lots of fun, but you can respawn once you’ve lost all of your life, which is great. — Jetage

10. Ceramic cauldron mug with Hogwarts crest

Buy the mug on Amazon here


It seems like no matter how many cups and mugs we have at home, there will always be space for one more. Well, especially if it’s from Hogwarts. So grab one for your collection.

Promising review:

  • Most favored mug in the house — I absolutely love the mug. My wife is a huge Harry Potter fan and uses it daily. It’s big enough for us both to share a cup of coffee or hot chocolate on cold winter days while cuddling in front of the TV.
    Have been using it for months now and haven’t had any of the text or artwork peel away. Really sturdy mug. Very happy with my purchase! — Trad Louw

11. Collection set that will surprise every quidditch fan

Buy the set on Amazon here

For Quidditch lovers

Quidditch players, get ready because with this set you’ll be able to start your training. Just make sure you don’t throw them inside your home. Also, you can keep them safe in their authentic-looking display case.

Promising review:

  • Great value for the price — For what I consider a relatively cheap price, the product is very well presented. The balls are all weighty and all the stitching is present. Yes, the container/chest is made from cardboard, but this just adds to the old-world feel of the product, for the price it’s great. Overall, the product is authentic and would be highly recommended for Harry Potter fans of all ages. — Chilling Chaloner

12. Dobby mug to celebrate and keep in memory his freedom

Buy the mug on Amazon here

High-quality ceramic

The good deed that Harry Potter did for Dobby will always be remembered. And one of the ways to do it is to have this mug and have your morning coffee or tea in it.

Promising review:

  • Dobby cup This was brought for a Dobby mad fan. We have had the cup for a while, and it is still going strong, also the writing is still clear as the first day we got it. — Mrs louise brodie

13. Quidditch ball that works as a spinner

Buy the fidget on Amazon here

Stress reliever

The design of this fidget spinner is a really awesome idea. Not only will you have the Golden Snitch between your fingers, but you’ll also have a lot of fun with it.

Promising review:

  • Brilliant spinner — We absolutely love this! We were hopeful after reading the great reviews, and we weren’t let down upon arrival.
    The spinner itself is beautifully designed and feels sturdy and heavy in the hand. The spinning mechanism is smooth and super satisfying, it gives all of the fidgety goodness you want from a spinner.
    The case is great and adds to the overall feeling of quality to this item. Definitely worth the money. — Kim

14. Hogwarts letters set for magical letter writing

Buy the letters on Amazon here

Great for parties

With this Hogwarts letter set, your mail will always look authentic. It’s great if you want to surprise your Harry Potter fan friends. In this set you’ll get 10 envelopes, 20 A5 pieces of writing paper, and 10 “wax seal” looking stickers.

Promising review:

  • Can’t go wrong with this — Giving 5 stars is a rarity for me, but this packet of Hogwarts letters is perfect. The right color for parchment, the Hogwarts crest on the letters, a lovely set of envelopes that shines golden inside, and a cute set of wax stickers. I’m using them to make a Harry Potter scrapbook, and they make my scrapbook look 10x more authentic and true to the Harry Potter times. 100% recommended. — Hatiah Begum

15. 3-piece bedding set to help you have magical dreams

Buy this bedding set on Amazon here

Soft and comfortable

If your room is filled with Harry Potter collectibles, then you’ll also need to make your bed part of it. The great part is that this bed set is for king-size beds, which are rare.

Promising review:

  • Great quality — I have been trying to get king-size Harry Potter bedding for years and found this, it is outstanding. — Ian Gray

16. Harry Potter display case that can fit 10 wands

Buy the wand set on Amazon here

Collect them all

This is one authentic piece of furniture, great to store all the wands that you’ve collected. But if you still haven’t started collecting them, then get the display first, and you’ll be ready when the wands come.

Promising review:

  • Beautifully made It looks amazing. Probably the best out there. My son is pleased, and it’s a proper-looking bit of furniture. Well-made and looks great. — Mrs. F. M. Pinsker

Which Harry Potter book and/or movie is your favorite and why? Which house do you think the sorting hat will put you in?

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post.

Preview photo credit Amazon, Djilly. L / Amazon


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