16 Overdramatic Pets Who Probably Watch Too Many Soap Operas

2 years ago

There are times when our pets can have such dramatic reactions, they belong in a Hollywood flick. Whether it’s at the vet, when they want your attention, or they’re just mad at you — we have to quickly grab our phones to take pictures of our furry friends’ best moments.

The Bright Side team gathered 16 pictures that showcase what good actors our pets can actually be sometimes.

1. “My dog feels about cats the same way I feel about humans.”

2. “We’ve only had our puppy for 2 weeks, but our chocolate lab is already worn out...”

3. “Roombas are indeed terrifying.”

4. “My pup wearing his bowl as a hat in protest of crate time”

5. “I took my boy to the vet. This is how he felt about it.”

6. “This is our cat, Fizzy. I don’t think Fizzy likes snow.”

7. “We adopted a dog a few weeks ago, and the cat is finally ready to hate him up close.”

8. “My daughter moved his stairs and forgot to put them back. He is not amused.”

9. “I made him go poop in a rainstorm. We got inside, he threw himself into the towel, and has been wrapped for 20 minutes.”

10. “Our new kitty plays dead in the morning if I pee before feeding him, lol.”

11. “He plays with his food nearly every time he eats.”

12. “Melvin demanded a walk. Then this happened. I had to carry him home. He’s fine, he’s just a drama queen.”

13. “Whatever this dog is going through, I feel it.”

14. “There are 2 types of dogs in this world, and my parents have one of each.”

15. “The face my dog makes when begging for food”

16. “I’ve never felt so judged for taking too many pictures.”

How dramatic is your pet? Have you taken any funny pictures of them lately?

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Preview photo credit ashlijune / Reddit


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you don't even need to watch a soap opera if you have such a pet 😂


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