16 People Who Feel Proud of Their Parents No Matter What They Do

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3 years ago

It’s always warm, cozy, and calm by your parents’ side. And with age, you begin to understand them more and try to walk in their shoes. Their words, actions, and habits that used to seem silly and meaningless suddenly begin to seem sweet and touching over the years. Perhaps that’s why many people want to capture their loved ones on camera in order to memorize as many vivid moments as possible.

At Bright Side, we were touched by these heartwarming photos. They prove that our mothers and fathers begin to behave like children with age.

“Every time my dad used this gravy boat, he enhances the experience with a sound.”

“My parents dressed up for Halloween. They’re 70.”

“My 68-year-old dad has a ’safe box.’ He won’t give my mom the combination.”

“My dad thinks the toilet tank is a wonderful vase for flowers.”

“My parents use an old DVD rack as an adjustable bathroom shelf.”

“My mom makes pottery masks as a hobby. My dad is going crazy staying at home. This is the result.”

“The pillow my mom made me really ties the room together.”

“Mom told me the rooster was after her today. I had to check the security camera to verify.”

“My dad hasn’t touched a video game in 23 years. I set up a game for him and came out at around 2 a.m. to find him completely absorbed by the gaming process.”

“I’m 37 years old and married with 2 kids. Something terrible happened today — my wisdom tooth began to ache so I had to get it pulled at the dental clinic. After that, I complained to my mom.”

“My dad was going to go for a run. He laid down to stretch his back. I found him asleep 30 minutes later.”

“I told my dad to grab the sunscreen before we hit the beach. We sit down and he hands me this...”

“My parents were tired of seeing my TV on the floor so they got me a dresser. Thanks, Mom and Dad!”

“My dad listed this pocket mirror on eBay. He said he wanted people to know that it worked.”

“My dad put down a tarp in the living room to prepare for his grandkids’ visit for Thanksgiving.”

“Dad retired today. He’s been home for 5 minutes.”

What are your parents like? Are they sweet grumblers or lively optimists? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit gypsypanthr / reddit


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