16 People Who Suddenly Met a Celebrity and Shared Their Experience

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Sometimes it seems that celebrities live in a world inaccessible to outsiders and appear in public only on the red carpet. But the heroes of our article can easily refute this statement. These people know that you can meet a popular actor or singer anywhere: at the airport, craft store, and even at a coworker's party.

  • I had an argument with my now-ex boyfriend and walked out of the hotel in tears. I had no idea where I was going or how to get back when I tried.
    I walked smack into Jason Momoa and Chris Judge, who were attending the Stargate Atlantis panel there. He stopped me (Jason), and seeing my little tiny 5'2 self was upset and lost, he calmed me down and walked back to the hotel with me, so I got there safely. He was a darling. © Kay Jacques / Quora
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  • Matt Smith, aka Doctor Who, came to our town one day. I and a bunch of fans waited for him outside the hotel. He was very nice, let everyone take a selfie with him, signed autographs.
    And as Matt was getting into the car, he suddenly noticed that one of the female fans was crying because she hadn't had time to chat to him. He got out of the car, hugged her and signed an autograph. He's cool! © DrDonna / ADME
  • My mom worked with Ryan Reynolds' adopted brother for a while, and one time he showed up to talk to his brother. I was too young at the point to know who he was, so all I really remember is him freaking out about how he just ruined his career. Green Lantern came out a few months after that, so I assume that's what he was talking about. © Communistspacedogs / Reddit
  • It was the late 70s, and I was a college girl with plans to meet a guy in Aspen to go skiing. My plane arrived first, and then the plane I assumed contained my friend arrived. I watched as the plane emptied, but my friend wasn't there. Now what?
    I saw a guy in a green ski jacket, who for some reason I thought worked at the airport, and I asked him if everyone was off the flight and explained the reason for my concern. He said, “Just a minute,” and left, then returned and said, “The plane that you saw arrived early and your friend’s is late. He’ll be here soon.”
    Fast-forward a few hours to that night. My friend and I started watching a movie called, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. The star sort of looked familiar. I realized that this was the same guy who was so helpful and reassuring in the airport — none other than Clint Eastwood! © Nancy Corwyn / Quora
  • Chris Pine had just starred in Star Trek as Captain Kirk. As he left my local post office, he kindly held the door open for me.
    He had been in front of me, and like many young people who were brought up to treat everyone equally, he could have ignored me and not held the door. Doors have become increasingly difficult for me to open, particularly heavy commercial doors because of my arthritis. A simple act of kindness that I appreciate. © Sonia Ottusch / Quora
  • A friend was driving, and suddenly, at a traffic light, a man ran up to his car and asked for a lift in the opposite direction. The friend reluctantly agreed. On the way, it turned out that his traveling companion was married to the granddaughter of one of the Warner brothers (the famous Warner Broth.), and as a gesture of gratitude, he invited my friend to his work. A few months later, my friend walked around film sets in Hollywood and tried on the original Harry Potter mantle. © Overheard / Ideer
  • I was a volunteer at a local history archive, and we were sorting through a huge heap of hundreds of donated books, deciding which needed to be kept and which could be marked up for sale. The actress Maxine Peake came as she was using the archive for research.
    I jokingly asked her to roll her sleeves up and to give us a hand. “Okay,” she said, “As long as I get a cup of tea out of it.” She got a cup of tea, and we got an hour’s help. © Michael Anderson / Quora
  • My mum came to visit me once. I lived in another country, and she didn't know the language. She went somewhere alone on the subway, got lost, came out of some back alley and accidentally got into a crowd of fans.
    They were waiting for Charles Aznavour outside the hotel. Finally, he came out, and my mum was in the front row. © Paramparapam / ADME
  • A friend of mine had just graduated from massage school. It was her first assignment in an exclusive residential area, and she nearly had a heart attack.
    Her clients were Brad Pitt and his then-girlfriend. 2 massages and a generous tip later, my friend exclaimed her shock and disbelief as she told me about her first day on the job. She said, “I just pretended they weren't who they were and kept my eyes closed most of the time.” © Michele L. Gaddis / Quora
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  • I met Ralph Fiennes in a St. Petersburg museum, he was wearing a cap, I looked at him, turned away, and then turned again to realize it was him (almost 100%). All the time, he was seeing me and I must have done a funny face because he smiled and winked as if, “Please don't let anyone else know it's me.” © Pamela Murra / Quora
  • When I was a kid, back in the mid-90s, Mike Myers was doing a meet-and-greet for a skate park and I went. I was way too shy to introduce myself and, my hand to God, this man stopped an interview with our local TV News to come over and talk to me when he noticed me. I’ve never seen anyone do that. What an incredibly sweet guy. © usedziploc / Reddit
  • I was shopping at a craft store when a young woman approached me. She asked if there were stickers for scrapbooking. I showed her where they were, and at the same time asked her about her hobbies and gave her some advice. She thanked me, took the stickers and left, and I continued my shopping.
    A short while later, I went to the check-out, and all the employees were freaking out. "Did you see her? Britney Spears was in our store! OMG, Britney Spears bought some stuff in our store!" It was at that point I realized I’d been giving sage scrapbooking advice to Britney Spears for like 10 minutes, and the guy at the end of the aisle was her bodyguard! © Kelly Alblinger / Quora
  • Once I met pre-fame Jessica Alba at a video rental store circa 1996. At that time, she was only known for being on a Disney Channel show called The New Adventures of Flipper, but I knew of her because she was kinda famous around town. Anyway, she was with her mom, and I was with my cousin.
    We were the only 4 shoppers in the store. I low-key tapped my cousin and pointed her out. She noticed and kinda smiled while brushing her hair behind her ear. Before she left, I said, “I love your show,” and she said thanks. That was it. © FastConfidence4077 / Reddit
  • At the age of 15, I met Justin Bieber at the airport. I then fell and seriously scratched my knee. It turned out that I plopped down right in front of him and couldn't get up because of the crowd that had gathered around Justin.
    He politely asked everyone to make way, helped me stand up and asked if I was okay. And then he offered to sign my phone case. I will never forget this day. © Mariyachia Bonivisti / Quora
  • Amanda Seyfried is super nice. My mom works with her dad who’s a doctor in PA, she and her whole family are the nicest people. I’ve met her like 3 times total I think over the years when her dad has had Christmas parties and invited people from work. © xOneLeafyBoi / Reddit
  • When The Matrix was being filmed in Sydney, my husband’s cousin, Justine, lived in the same apartment building as Keanu Reeves.
    One particular morning, Justine was running late for work - and she literally flew outside the entrance doors of her building, face-first in to a man's chest. When she looked up to apologize, she recognized and realized that it was none other than Keanu Reeves! He asked if she was okay, and offered to buy her a coffee, and stayed with her until she was fit enough to go to work. © Rebecca Cooper / Quora

And here’s another bunch of awesome stories from people who met a celebrity.

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