16 People Who Totally Rock Their Individuality

2 years ago

There are some people who simply want to fit in, as well as those who like to embrace their individuality. And when this happens, we can’t help but appreciate their beauty and courage when going against the crowd. Whether you decide to ignore society’s expectations and let your grays shine or proudly show off the features you were born with, we admire you. Everyone is different and deserves to be proud of their looks.

We at Bright Side simply fell in love with these individuals who know a thing or 2 about proudly standing out from the crowd.

1. “One cool thing about having gray hair is that it changes color depending on the lighting.”

2. “The nose is strong in my family. I have it, and my sister has it.”

3. “My mom was self-conscious about being albino and didn’t take many pictures during her youth, but I think this one is great.”

4. “I’ve been taking care of my own hair for more than 10 years now.”

5. “Embracing my nose, one day at a time”

6. “Not coloring my hair anymore!!! Embracing my grays!”

7. “4 hours in a chair, this is from the first time I met my current stylist.”

8. “I am a guy with really long, thick eyelashes, maybe distichiasis?”

9. “I was born with 4 fingers.”

10. “My daughter has the coolest barber (I added the color with eyeshadow).”

11. “My blue central heterochromia — lucky to have a really cool effect like this.”

12. “To those who wanted to see my son’s extra finger, here you go.”

13. Her hair is enough to make any of us jealous.

14. “I’ve loved and hated my nose for years.”

“I was told having surgery for my deviated septum would at least straighten it, but I decided to keep her as she is.”

15. “I was asked by a stylist on Instagram to dye my hair for a beauty show and I excitedly obliged.”

“It was my first time dying my hair too.”

16. “Finally got my new colors.”

What unique feature do you rock? Do you believe society has high beauty expectations for men and women?

Preview photo credit xchavez / Reddit


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