15 Times Creativity Met Functionality and Filled Us With Wonderment

2 years ago

Human creativity is at its best when the generated design not only strikes us with originality or pleases our eyes, but also serves a practical purpose. And it doesn’t necessarily take a world-renowned designer to blow us away with an offbeat creation.

We at Bright Side have put together 15 functional objects created by people who made an effort to push their thinking up to and beyond its limits to leave us in awe.

1. “This bench has an adjustable connecting bar so the tree in between can grow.”

2. “My son’s onesie has a different color button in the middle so it’s easier to line them up properly.”

3. “American Airlines now has built-in tablet and phone rests on the backs of the seats.”

4. “Someone bought me Lego highlighters. You can stick them together and it’s remarkably satisfying.”

5. “Jellybean does not like the cone of shame. He tolerates the flower of protection.”

6. “This thing they put in our school’s bathroom will make the cleaner’s life much easier.”

7. “Helped my wife carve a pumpkin for our pregnancy announcement!”

8. “Heated dog parking while shopping”

9. A hair dryer controlled by a touch-less sensor to turn on and off, serving as a sensor hand dryer.

10. “My supermarket dedicated a checkout to older people who like to talk to cashiers to avoid annoying other customers.”

11. “A 3-year-old King Bran Stark in an epic Game of Thrones wheelchair”

12. “I made my roommate a Batman toothbrush holder.”

13. “The bench in this 24-hour laundromat is a giant clothespin.”

14. “I measure things every day. This is a neat way to show my interests while also being functional.”

15. “A cake I made of my sister’s cat”

Have you ever created a surprising and original product? We’d really love you to share a picture of it in the comments below.

Preview photo credit sukoshibear/Reddit


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