15+ People Who Totally Rocked Their Vibrant Locks

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Thanks to the developed beauty industry, women can make any of their crazy dreams come true. In beauty salons, artists can create any hair color, and some women can even do it at home.

“58 is a good age to dye your hair purple.”

“Went to a salon for the first time, dye took 8 hours but it was worth it!”

“About 4 weeks later and my vivid color is still going strong!”

“I’m red again!”

“First time dying my hair an unnatural color!”

“Most favorite color I’ve ever gotten”

“So, I did it. Wanted a more dusty rose and got bubblegum pink. But I like it!”

“The emerald green hair of my dreams”

“I’ve been a brunette my whole life, so it was a big change, but I’m loving it so much!”

“Went full purple finally!”

“My new hair color!”

“I’m sooo happy with the yellow.”

In the pink and purple spirit...

“I can’t believe how well this turquoise turned out! It’s so vibrant!”

“Quit my job as a corporate lawyer so I could have hair like this!”

“Ending off the year strong with Tide Pod hair”

“Finally got my new colors :)”

“School is closed until next year, so my son really changed up his look for summer!”

“2010 vs 2020”

Please note: This article was updated in March 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit GodzillaToTheRescue / Reddit


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