16 Things That Will Tempt You to Catch the Next Flight to Thailand

5 years ago

This country of smiles welcomes thousands of travelers from all over the world, all year round. The culture of Thailand is very welcoming and there are a lot of exotic and unique places to visit, so much so that you could come back with a one-of-a-kind vacation story. For example, you’ve probably never visited an underground temple or swam with elephants.

We at Bright Side collected 16 attractions in Thailand that will make you pack your stuff and leave for vacation there.

1. Phraya Nakhon Cave

The nature reserve of Khao Sam Yot National Park is huge and there are plenty of fantastic places to see, but Phraya Nakhon Cave is a place you should visit at least once in your lifetime. You will have to climb 1400 feet up a mountain, between the trees, and then a fairly high staircase. It’s not an easy walk, but it’ll be worth your while. You’ll find a unique cave where the light from the sun shines on a hidden temple.

2. Hundreds of monkeys

Monkeys in Thailand can be found everywhere, especially on the beaches, in parks, and around Buddhist temples. For the natives, monkeys are a part of their everyday life, they blend into the background. However, with tourists, primates are quite unpredictable, like in the first minutes of close contact they will either allow you to pet them or they’ll find an opportunity to steal something from you.

3. C Cup Cafe

C Cup Cafe is one of the most loved places in Bangkok, and of course mostly for men. Waitresses there are allowed to wear whatever they want since the cafe doesn’t have a strict dress code, so they proudly show off the correlation with the cafe’s name. The food is pretty good, too, according to the happy faces on their page.

4. Iced tea in a bag

A funny quirk about Thailand is that they usually won’t use a cup for your ice tea or coffee and instead put it in a bag. A lot of tourists actually find it easier to carry that way and the best part is how much more of your favorite drink you’re getting for the same price as a smaller cup.

5. Selfie coffee

If you want to drink your own face, look no further — there is a cafe called KC Cafe for this strange request. There you can order a latte with your own face printed on top of the milk foam, so go ahead and enjoy it.

6. Elephant sanctuaries

In Thailand you can get the experience of a lifetime by hanging out with the cutest elephants in the world. You can wash them, feed them, play with them, and even ride them if you’re brave enough. They are some of the nicest animals in the world — of course, if you’re nice to them.

7. Wat Khun Inthapramun

This fantastic ancient temple that has a resting Buddha on top of it is truly magnificent. The whole aura of the place is extremely peaceful and ethereal, so if you want both your body and your soul to rest, you should visit this area.

8. Sook Station Prison for a day

It might seem terrifying at first glance, but don’t overlook it. This so called prison is just a specially-styled hostel in Bangkok. If you’ve ever wanted to find out what it’s like to serve a sentence, but never wanted to be in an actual prison, look no further.

9. Trucks full of coconuts

Coconuts in Thailand are truly something special. They are known to be much sweeter due to the Thai soil and climate conditions than in any other part of the world. It’s no wonder that Thai coconut water and milk are known throughout the rest of the world.

10. Hello Kitty Spa

This literally might be the cutest spa and shop to ever exist on our planet. Hello Kitty Spa provides various services and amenities in a fantastically relaxing and child-like atmosphere. If you are interested in visiting this magical place, here is their website.

11. Gigantic lily pads

If you want to feel like you’re playing some kind of a video game in real life, these gigantic Victoria Lilies are at your service. Located in Phitsanulok, they are one of the most interesting sightings in northern Thailand. They can handle a lot of weight, so even a couple of adult people wouldn’t drown standing on one or hopping from one to the other.

12. Fish eating dead skin

Thai fish therapy is extremely popular among tourists from all over the world. Not only is it safe and good for your health, since they are eating the dead skin off of your feet, but it’s also hilarious, feeling dozens of tiny fish tickling your legs.

13. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

This floating market is now mainly an attraction for tourists, but it is active, quite exotic, and colorful, showing a piece of the current Bangkok lifestyle. Boats that are made of teak fill canals that are so small only a couple of boats can barely fit in. The James Bond movie The Man With The Golden Gun was filmed right here. If you re-watch it, you’ll realize that little has changed here since then and you’ll find yourself in a Hollywood blockbuster!

14. Bangkok Floating Center

If you feel like you need to relax literally every part of your body and soul, you certainly need to visit the Bangkok Floating Center. You’ll float in a small capsule with soothing Celtic music filling your ears and have not a care in the world about anything around you.

15. Crystal clear ocean

The seas there are something else entirely, as you can see on the picture above (which is nowhere near photoshopped). Can you imagine how clear the water is there? Try flying out to the Andaman Sea, for example, we promise you won’t regret it, and you will want to snorkel there for hours.

16. Ghosts are welcome here

Finally, if you’re such a big fan of Halloween that you feel the need to celebrate it more than once a year, look no further. Thai people believe in ghosts probably more than in any other culture, and there are hundreds of places you can visit that are embedded with these beliefs.

If you have any other places in Thailand to suggest, please share them in the comments below.


FYI almost all countries in Asia (especially southeast Asia) have similar features like those photos, because they have same weather, similar views, similar activities, and others too. But there's nothing wrong with ideas to travel all those countries because every country has its own culture that's worth to see!

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