16 Times People Showed Us True Fortitude

year ago

There’s nothing stronger than a person who is facing limitations, whether they be physical or mental, and who still turns them into their biggest strengths. These people can dance with one leg, pilot a plane with no arms, or beat depression and get outside. Nothing can destroy their spirit and positivity.

1. “We just got married! We are both blind and plan on moving to Boston this September!”

2. “Trying to get over depression, stopped sleeping on the couch, moved back into my room.”

3. “My own project: a racing wheel stand. I am disabled but I enjoyed putting it together.”

4. “Here’s another pic of my adventures. I met a horse!”

5. “Today I graduated college with a BA in vocal music and a 47% lung capacity.”

6. “People in crowds don’t see me and always run into me at night and at dusk. Hopefully, this will help.”

7. “This handicapped sign is broken in a way that it suits my disability.”

8. “Fighting my depression and anxiety with art — the largest painting I’ve ever done”

9. “A year ago, I was on disability and physically couldn’t walk up a single flight of stairs. Today I ran 3 miles!”

10. “I was born without my legs and right arm. I’m a Paralympic swimmer, and future child life specialist, and truly love my life.”

11. Girl power!

12. “After years of depression, today I started my day with a beach walk.”

13. “I did a 5k fun run this morning. I was the only wheelchair user.”

14. “So proud of the first meal I cooked for myself after my depressive state these past few weeks!”

15. Sweet helper.

16. “Felt cute and festive today. Celebrating 12 weeks post-brain tumor surgery.”

What drives you to achieve the most ambitious goals? Feel free to share the stories of your achievements that made you feel proud in the comment section!

Preview photo credit irina_jacobson_ / Instagram


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This should be 15 times people showed us true fortitude. There is no number 15. Sweet helper. ???


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