15+ Surreal-Sized Animals and Objects That Actually Exist

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According to the Guinness World Records, the tallest dog ever was Zeus who measured an incredible 1.118 meters. Very few animals or plants grow to reach extraordinary sizes that defy all proportions. We might not be able to find a reasonable explanation for this unique phenomenon when we see it, or even understand what causes it. And this contributes to the intimidating feeling we’d get if we ever happen to come across these imposing creatures.

1. A really tall mallard duck.

2. I think we should name him “Lennie.”

3. A heavy boy.

4. ’’My younger sister as a baby. An absolute chonker.’’

5. An enormous bundle of fluff.

6. ’’I had to compare this onion to my dog’s head.’’

7. ’’My Briard puppy Chewy.’’

8. ’’Tasmanian giant crab.’’

9. A pillar of strength.

10. ’’Saw these units cruising on I-80.’’

11. ’’My 30 lb. regular cat- Milo. I’m 5’11″ for reference.’’

12. ’’This is the zucchini from my girlfriend’s garden.’’

13. ’’Our now 6 1/2 month puppy. The vet has said he is not at all over weight just big boned.’’

14. ’’This absolute strawberry I found.’’

15. Shopping with the horse dog.

16. ’’My wife as a baby.’’

17. “Yesterday I found a gigantic leaf. Today I went back to the park and found an even bigger one!”

18. “My mom’s big cat Bob.”

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