17 Animal Spies Who Pretended to Be Something Else and Almost Fooled Us

3 years ago

From spy movies, we know that a good spy can take on any role and try on any appearance to hide their own identity. It looks like some animals are also fans of James Bond movies. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so great at camouflaging themselves. A bottle brush, a shag rug, a shadow, or even a Spider-Man — they can be anyone they want and we can only admire their unusual talent.

We at Bright Side ranked 17 animals that, in our opinion, have mastered the art of camouflage, and we wonder if you support our choices.

17. This bug mimics a leaf so well you can even see veins, “dry” spots, and bite marks.

16. Seal mode has been successfully activated.

15. It would take an eagle eye to see this guru of camouflage sunbathing on the rocks.

14. This butterfly tried its best to look like the center of the flower, and we must say it worked.

13. This doggo turned into its own bed to become invisible and have a peaceful nap.

12. You may not see it at first glance, but there’s a seahorse in the middle of this pic.

11. We looked at this pic and now we can’t unsee a sleeping panda.

10. This moth is a highly detailed copy of a tree branch.

9. Agent Cat 007 in disguise

8. It may look like a shag rug that was left on a lawn, but that’s actually a dog.

7. This caterpillar looks like a miniature bottle brush.

6. Arctic hares are hardly noticeable among all the snow.

5. There are 2 dogs in this pic, it’s just that one of them is pretending to be the other one’s shadow.

4. This bug wants to be a branch, and nobody’s going to stop it.

3. If you think this is a guinea pig, take a closer look. It’s actually a super hairy caterpillar.

2. Where’s the puppy and where’s the teddy bear? We got confused.

1. And the Best Spy award from Bright Side goes to this lizard that is totally copying Spider-Man’s look. Or has Spider-Man been copying this lizard the whole time?

Which of the animals that we’ve just told you about are the best spies in your opinion? Do you have a picture of a perfectly disguised animal to show us in the comments?

Preview photo credit Shutterstock.com, EAST NEWS


I'm happy such bugs don't live in my cuontry. I'd freak out if I encountered something like this 😱
I would easily frame the picture with the butterfly on the pink flower :)

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