17 Cakes You’d Be Sorry to Have to Cut Up

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In recent years, cakes have evolved into being a lot more than just sponge cake with buttercream and chocolate. The crazy designs many professionals do require a lot of expensive ingredients and endless hours of work. That’s because baking is a form of art that tries to communicate different emotions and visuals to a customer. That’s why bakers end up spending a lot of time on each piece.

1. “I ate lime mousse cake.”

2. One side for the bride and the other for the groom

3. “Hand-piped ginger cake with gingerbread lids, fresh fruit, and Viennese whirls.”

4. “This groom’s cake”

5. “A cake that looks like an egg and cheese biscuit”

6. “Homemade knit hat cake for Xmas eve”

7. “The stems and leaves are homemade modeling chocolate. The tulips are colored and tempered white chocolate.”

8. “I ate a soccer-ball-shaped birthday cake.”

9. “My wife made a chocolate chip cake with cookie dough filling stuffed with chocolate chip ice cream and a buttercream cream cheese frosting.”

10. “My sister made this turtle cake for my 25th. Chocolate mud cake with passionfruit.”

11. “Cheeseburgers: yellow cake buns, strawberry tomatoes, coconut (dyed green) lettuce, yellow buttercream cheese, brownie burgers”

12. “I made a Cookie Monster cake.”

13. “Took best exhibit in my local show with this cake.”

14. “I made a cake that looks like a pickle.”

15. “Buttermilk sponge cake, lemon curd, aerated lemon syrup.”

16. “Carrot cake shaped like a jalapeño”

17. “I made a strawberry-shaped strawberry cake.”

Have you ever tried making a 3D or highly realistic cake? How did it turn out, and was it as tasty as you hoped it would be?

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