10 Cat Photos Taken at Exactly the Right Moment

8 months ago

It should be obvious to anyone who’s ever used the internet by now that cats are simply wonderful. We love them, and that’s why we love taking photographs of them. And if those photos are taken at just the right moment, we end up loving cats even more!

Here are 10 shots which prove that cats are perhaps the most delightfully photogenic animals on Earth.

1. Can you sleep in the style of Michelangelo?

2. “I’m adopted???”

3. “My boyfriend is watching my cat. He put the TV on and turned around to find this...”

4. “Yep, everything seems normal.”

5. “When your cat meows, and you meow back”

6. “My cat occasionally visits our neighbors. Today she came back with a little snack.”

7. “Is there something for me?”

8. “My cat does this thing...”

9. “Masuka loves drinking from the water cooler”

10. “You have just been ghosted!”

Preview photo credit tmklsh / reddit


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